Orson Curry
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Orson Curry
In his own mind, Orson Curry is the greatest anthropologist on Wanmami Island. This is absolutely true, in fact, because he is also the only anthropologist on Wanmami Island.
Name Orson Curry
Gender TS2 Male Male
Age TS3-Adult Adult
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Marital status Single
Zodiac sign Scorpio Scorpio
Aspiration Knowledge Knowledge
Turn ons
Full Face Makeup Full Face Makeup
Turn off Hats Hats
Hair color TS2 Red Hair Red
Eye color TS2 Grey Eyes Gray
Skin color Skin-light Light
Other Information
Game TSCS Icon The Sims Castaway Stories
Playability Family bin
Neighborhood Wanmami Island
Not to be confused with Orson Curry (hidden).

Orson Curry is a premade and playable Sim introduced in The Sims Castaway Stories. He lives in Wanmami Island. At the start of the game, he is in the family bin. Because he is a Knowledge Sim, fishing and skill gaining are his main wants.

Oddly, Orson has a hidden clone which can be found in the game files. They look almost the same, but the hidden Orson has glasses while the one that's playable doesn't.


W magnifying glass
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Sloppy 10 Neat
Shy 05 Outgoing
Lazy 08 Active
Serious 02 Playful
Grouchy 00 Nice