Ossie Madison
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Ossie Madison
Ossie is a spectacularly messy slob. It's hard to pinpoint the exact cause of his affliction, although "lazy" and "male" leap most readily to mind.
Name Ossie Madison
Gender TS2 Male Male
Age TS3-Adult Adult
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Romances Felicity Usher Crush
Marital status Single
Rockwell Acres
Roommates Felicity Usher
Zodiac sign Libra (sign) Libra
Aspiration Popularity Popularity
Hair color TS2 Brown Hair Brown
Eye color TS2 Blue Eyes Blue
Skin color Skin-dark Dark
Body shape  Medium
Other Information
Game The Sims 2 (console)
Playability NPC
Neighborhood Pleasantview, Strangetown, and Melbourne

Ossie Madison lives at Rockwell Acres and is attracted to his roommate Felicity Usher.

In contrast to his clean roommate, Felicity, he is a lazy Sim and does not clean up after himself. Still, despite his laziness, the two have somewhat of a romance.