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Winterwear is a clothing option that was added in The Sims: Vacation. Wearing winterwear is normal in the snowy area of Vacation Island, but Sims who wear it in other areas of the Island may become uncomfortable. Wearing it outside of Vacation Island does not appear to have any effect.

Sims, both adult and child, can buy winterwear for §100 from the SlopeStyle Skiwear Rack. Kids can also buy it from the Rags-A-Muffin Garmenteria. If The Sims: Hot Date is present, adults can buy it from the Ploomie's Garment Rack.

The Sims 2: SeasonsEdit

The idea of winterwear returns in The Sims 2: Seasons with the introduction of outerwear. Outerwear is available for all life stages from toddler through elder, for a cost of §300. If the outside temperature is cold enough, Sims will usually, but not always, change into outerwear when going outside, and visitors, walk-bys, and townies may appear in outerwear. Outerwear will not keep Sims from getting cold, but Sims wearing it will not get cold as quickly. Wearing outerwear when the temperature is above the Comfortable zone will cause Sims to get hot more quickly.

The Sims 3: SeasonsEdit

Sims need to dress in an outfit from the new clothing category, Outerwear, in order to stay warm when outdoors on a winter day. Most of the time, Sims will automatically change into this type of clothing on cold days. If they don't, click the Sim and change outfit. Sims might never freeze when wearing their Outerwear, although unnaturally cold temperatures could do it. 

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