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Pagoda in the Shadows
The Sims 2 Lot Pagoda in the Shadows
Owner Wise Old Man
Number of floors 1
Neighborhood Takemizu Village
Game The Sims 2: Bon Voyage

Nestled in a quiet valley, this graceful structure exudes serenity. Yet you feel an inexplicable hurry to reach it. It's almost as if it were... your destiny.
The Pagoda in the shadows is the secret lot in Takemizu Village, and is the home of the Wise Old Man. It is an open pagoda accessible by a set of stairs leading up to it. The pagoda itself only contains a tea set and the aforementioned Wise Old Man; there are no bathrooms or edible food, so Sims should fill up their motives before visiting the lot.

When viewing Takemizu Village in the neighborhood view, if players point their mouse to the top left of the screen, a lonesome stretch of road can be seen. Technically, it's where the Pagoda in the Shadows is located, but the lot itself is invisible.