Balloon notebook Computer games receive patches to fix compatibility problems after their initial release just like any other software, but they can also be applied to change game rules or algorithms. These patches may be prompted by the discovery of exploits in the multiplayer game experience that can be used to gain unfair advantages over other players. Extra features and game play tweaks can often be added. These kinds of patches are common in first-person shooters with multiplayer capability, and in MMORPGs. MMORPGs, which are typically very complex with large amounts of content, almost always rely heavily on patches following the initial release, where patches sometimes add new content and abilities available to players. Because the balance and fairness for all players of an MMORPG can be severely corrupted within a short amount of time by an exploit, servers of an MMORPG are sometimes taken down with short notice in order to apply a critical patch with a fix.

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The SimsEdit

An expansion pack would usually address issues that arose in previous expansions. However, Hot Date, Unleashed and Deluxe each got a separate update.

Icon invent cog bulb Tip: Each of these updates were included in later expansion packs. Players with Superstar, Makin' Magic, or The Sims Complete Collection do not need any of these updates. Players with Unleashed, but nothing later, do not need the Hot Date or Deluxe updates. Players with both Deluxe and Hot Date do not need the Hot Date update.

The Sims 2Edit

The Sims 2 featured an in-game notification system where a player connected to the internet was told if a new version of their expansion packs was found. EA released only one update for each expansion pack and one for the Family Fun Stuff Pack. Each patch was independent of each other and not cumulative. There was also one for the Exchange to fix an uploading issue.

The Sims 3Edit

Main article: The Sims 3/patch

With The Sims 3, EA is releasing updates more frequently than previous games, even between expansion releases. The Sims 3 is a hugely complex game and bugs or glitches are bound to happen. The Origin downloader comes with the game and players that use the Launcher to start the game will be notified of any new updates. The Sims 3 patches have not only fixed bugs, but also added or improved on existing gameplay features or interface elements for the base game.[1]

Icon invent cog bulb Tip: Since Patch 24, players don't need to install a separate patch for every expansion and stuff pack they have anymore.

Icon invent cog bulb Tip: The full update patch is a master patch for the game. This patch can update the game from any game version and any game region. It is recommended for players to applying the game update from this master patch to prevent any error when updating the game.

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