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Not to be confused with Perception.
Trait Perceptive
Perceptive is a mental trait introduced in The Sims 3: Ambitions. It conflicts with the Absent-Minded trait.

Perceptive Sims make keen Investigators. Their ability to investigate and stakeout potential criminals is bar none.


  • Your Sim will earn more money from completed Investigator assignments.
  • Your Sim will build the Logic Skill more quickly.
  • Your Sim will have a higher chance of encountering crime on stakeouts.
  • Your Sim will learn traits of other Sims more quickly through socializing.

Related SkillEdit

Possible Lifetime WishesEdit

  • Pervasive Private Eye

Perceptive SimsEdit

Examples of premade Perceptive Sims: Anna-Liza Riddle, Dudley Racket, Rich Whelohff, Macy Clay

See also: Category:Perceptive Sims

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