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The Pet Store is a lot assignment introduced in The Sims: Unleashed, The Sims 2: Pets and the limited edition of The Sims 3: Pets. In this lot Sims can adopt pets, and buy objects for them.

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Pet Paradise!Edit

Pet Paradise!
Pet Paradise!
Pet Paradise! As seen in game.

Bring the whole family to Old own's fully featured Pet Adotion Center, where you can find that special new family member, hire the local Pet Trainer, and fulfill your pet's every need.
Pet Paradise! is a local pet store in Old town, on 70 Elm Street. It can be visited where Sims can adopt pets and buy several other things pet-related. It's the only pre-made place in Old town that sells cats and dogs. Buying a cat/dog will cost 399§ for both. Also, "Pet Treats!" are available there, and can be given as food to the pet, and can be used for the A Friend Indeed spell, that can turn pets into Sims. The pet store also sells various other minor pets, and has a well-tended garden with seats, pet bathes, and a children's playground as well as other objects and activities that Sims can enjoy.

Old Town QuarterEdit

Old Town Quarter
Old Town Quarter
Old Town Quarter as seen in game.

For a refined café and shopping experience, bring your Sims to the Old Town Quarter, known for its eclectic charm, architecture, and ambience.
Old Town Quarter is a local shopping center in Old Town, on 71 Elm Street. Though it's not a pet shop by all means, it does offer pet birds for sale such as Love Birds and Pet Budgies, that cost 59§ and 35§ respectively.

Graham's Pet Swap ShopEdit

Graham's Pet Swap Shop
Graham's Pet Swap Shop in the lot bin.

Graham's Pet Swap Shop is available in The Sims 3 Store as a bonus lot for players who have purchased the limited edition of The Sims 3: Pets. It has all the pet related items that players can buy by interacting with the store clerk. There are minor pets available to buy as well.

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