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Pet Trait
TS3 Pets Cat CAS Xbox 360
A cat demonstrates the "Aggressive" Trait via action in Create-A-Pet for The Sims 3: Pets (console).

See also: Trait, Trait (The Sims Medieval), and Trait (The Sims Social)

Pets from The Sims 3: Pets have their own unique traits that are not available to Sims. On the other hand, traits for Sims are not available to pets either. There is a total of 30 pet traits. Pet traits can be unique to one or two species, or can be shared by all three species of pet. For example, Agile is a horse-only trait and Loyal is a dog-only trait, Skittish is a cat and dog trait, and Playful is a trait for all three kinds of pet.

Pet traits, like Sim traits, work by defining a pet's personality and fitting the pet's reactions to it. After picking three traits for a pet, the player can train behaviors so a pet can develop a "trained" trait.

Trained traitsEdit

Pets can learn some traits by performing activities related to those traits, and Sims can boost this by scolding or praising the pet for doing those things. A pet who has been trained well enough can develop a "trained" trait, which is marked by a highlighted green box around the trait icon. Trained traits can be lost if a Sim trains their pet in the opposite behaviors. Trained traits make it possible for a pet to have more than 5 traits.

List of pet traitsEdit


  • Since horses are not featured in The Sims 3: Pets (console), all pet traits that are exclusive to horses are not available on the console version.
  • Pets created in CAS can have up to 3 traits, If the player buys the Attitude Adjustment Lifetime reward they can add 2 more traits, in which the total number of traits is 5.
  • If a pet with more than 5 traits moves to another world, they will lose all their "trained" traits. Only the first 5 traits on the pet's bio list will still remain.

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