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The Pit of Judgement is featured in The Sims Medieval. The Pit of Judgement is the location where Sims are executed by request of the respective Monarch. The Pit of Judgement is next to the stocks. Heroic Sims can purposely jump into the pit to do battle with the horrid monster within. Most Sims will not survive this, but they've got a higher chance if they're Bloodthirsty (fatal flaw). Sims occasionally have the responsibility to feed the monster. After the monster has killed off a Sim, it will throw the corpse out of the pit. If during a quest a hero Sim important to this quest dies, all quest progress is lost. The player does not get their QP back. Some quests such as 'Bric-a-Brac Day' allow the hero Sim to jump into the pit without a risk of death.

Related AchievementsEdit

  • Feast for the Beast
  • Inedible
  • Leap of Faith

The Doomsword Hilt and Doomsword Blade, which are required to forge the Doomsword by a Level 10 Blacksmith, can be gained through random events when a Hero Jumps into the Pit.