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Pixel Acres
Lot type Residential
Number of floors 1
Occupants Ying Yangst and Chase Skurtz
Neighborhood SimValley
Game The Sims Bustin' Out

Pixel Acres is the home lot where Ying Yangst and Chase Skurtz live in The Sims Bustin' Out for console. Its name could be a reference to the fact that it's a nudist colony, and nudity is blocked in The Sims by pixels. Acres refers to being surrounded by beautiful waterfalls and forests. For example, if a Sim showers outside while in Pixel Acres, they will remain nude until they sleep or change their clothes. Also there is not an actual house located here, except for being a couple rooms for the two bathrooms located in various spots in the lot. Yet, this can also mean the player can customize it as they see fit.

For it's lack of structure when the player first moves in due to no rooms for beds and any actual entertainment such as watching television and listening to the radio, Pixel Acres is the best lot to experiment with building houses and customizing (not including any of the Free Streets) since rearranging the lot is an option.