There are several different play styles for games in The Sims series. Players can pursue one play style, or several different at the same time.

EA has identified several play styles, and tries to develop the game for each of them.


The Builder might spend much time in Buy mode, Build mode or Create-A-World[TS3], to create perfect lots and neighborhoods; beautiful, prosperous, realistic, or challenging. This is not unusual, as The Sims was originally intended to be a building game.


The Achiever pushes Sims to pursue wishes or wants, as well as developing careers and skills. They might "power-game" in Create a Sim, to gather as many positive traits as possible (Charismatic, Genius etc.).


The Experimenter wants to test Sims' behavior under different circumstances. They might occasionally be cruel or sadistic.


The Storyteller wants to experience, and maybe to document, their Sims' dramatic lives.