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For the elixirs from The Sims 3: Supernatural, see Alchemy.
Sims are able to drink potions, and in some cases make them. It is a feature present in The Sims: Livin' Large, The Sims 2 and The Sims 3: Generations. Most potions change the life state, personality or mood of a Sim when drunk. In The Sims 2, some potions can be used to revert a life state.

In The Sims 2, Obedience Trainers, Garden Club members and Witches sell Lycanthropic-B, Plantophic-C and Witchbegone-E potions respectively. The Gypsy Matchmaker sells all of these, as well as Vamprocillin-D and Love Potion number 8.5.

Witches in The Sims 2: Apartment Life and Sims with The "Concoctanation Station" chemistry set[TS:LL] or a SimSanto Inc. Biotech Station[TS2] can also craft potions.

The Sims: Livin' Large and The Sims 2Edit

Medicine & viruses Edit

The White Potion made with The "Concoctanation Station" chemistry set can cure a sickness. The medicine made with the SimSanto Inc. Biotech Station can cut down the resting time needed to be cured of a sickness, though a Sim with low logic skill and/or who is in a bad mood can create a virus instead. A Sim with very high logic can use the Biotech Station to deliberately make a virus.

Life state cure potions Edit

Cures Vampirism
Cures Lycantrophy
Cures Plantsimism
Cures Witchiness

Personality changing potions Edit

Yellow potion[TS:LL]
This can be crafted with The "Concoctanation Station" chemistry set, and it reverses a Sim's personality forever. The reversal works simply on the 10-point scale; if he had 3 Nice points, he now has 7 Nice points and so on. For example, a playful Sim who drinks this potion will become a serious Sim, and a nice Sim who drinks it may become a mean Sim. Luckily, if the Sim makes another yellow potion and drinks it, they will get their lost personality back.
Magically Spiced Sugar[TS2:AL]
This can be crafted by Good Witches and temporarily changes the Niceness of the Sim who drinks one to 10.
Enchanted Essence of Cur Tails[TS2:AL]
This can be crafted by Evil Witches and temporarily changes the Niceness of the Sim who drinks one to 0.

Love PotionsEdit

Red potion[TS:LL]
This potion can be crafted with The "Concoctanation Station" chemistry set, and it makes the Sim who drinks it to fall in love with the Sim of the opposite gender they hate most. They will have maxed relationship points and the love will be mutual. Once the potion is consumed, the Sim's new lover will appear next to the player's Sim and kiss them with a passionate kiss. If the Sim has a partner, they will get jealous and slap the Sim's lover across the face.
Love Potion Number 8.5[TS2:NL]
Increases a Sims attractiveness by +50 for three hours, provided that the Sim does not drink another potion during that time. The name is a reference to the movie Love Potion #9, which features a potion with the same name as well the version "#8", both sold by a gypsy.

Mood PotionsEdit

Blue potion[TS:LL]
This potion can be crafted with The "Concoctanation Station" chemistry set, and maximizes three of the Sim's motives. However, if used during the day, there is a 1/3 chance that a policewoman may pass by the Sim's house and charge them §500 for "polluting the atmosphere with strange smells".
Light Green potion[TS:LL]
This potion can be crafted with The "Concoctanation Station" chemistry set, and it will decrease all of the Sim's motives at 25%. It is recommended not to let Sims drink this potion, as they may die shortly if their mood is low enough.

Other potions Edit

Orange potion[TS:LL]
This potion can be crafted with The "Concoctanation Station" chemistry set, and it will make the Sim invisible, allowing them to use specific interactions on other Sims, without either increasing nor decreasing their relationship.
Green potion[TS:LL]
This potion can be crafted with The "Concoctanation Station" chemistry set, and it will create an evil clone of the Sim who drinks it. The clone will walk around the house and use mean interactions on any people there, even on their original self. The victims of the clone will then think that the clone is the actual Sim and decrease their relationship. The clone also has an reversed personality, opposite of the actual Sim's, and will do other things that Sims do in a bad mood, such as grouchily complaining, and if the actual Sim has made gnomes, the clone will kick a gnome in anger, but sometimes that will blow up the gnome and knock the Sim off their feet. The clone may even take the original Sim's child away as if it were a neighbor and disappear forever.
Purple potion[TS:LL]
This potion can be crafted with The "Concoctanation Station" chemistry set, and it will transform the Sim into a monster. When this happens, the Sim cannot be controlled or interacted with. The monster will walk around the house, breaking things before switching back to normal. However, the monster has a big passion for painting and will paint masterpieces worth around 500§ whenever it find an easel.
ReNuYu Porta-Chug[TS2:NL]
The ReNuYu Porta-Chug appears in the inventory of pre-Nightlife Sims, townies, NPCs, and CAS Sims. When a Sim drinks it, the player can change the turn-ons and turn-offs of said Sim.

Crafting potions Edit

Potion Magic level Reagents required Alignment Effect
Vamprocillin-D 1 Cures Vampirism
Lycanthropic-B 1 Cures Lycanthropy
Plantophic-C 1 Cures PlantSimism
Witchbegone-E 1 Cures Witchy-ness
Magically Spiced Sugar Good 10 Niceness
Enchanted Essence of Cur Tails Evil 0 Niceness

The Sims Castaway Stories PotionsEdit

Love Struck Potion
If used on someone, the two Sims will automatically fall in love with each other and will get very high relationship level.
Elixir of Life
This potion will bring the player's Sim back on the first day of his or her life stage.
Penguin Party
This potion will make penguins suddenly appear around the player's Sim boosting his or her Social motive.

(Note: In The House of Tuzu there is a potion that automatically gets the Sim back in his or her previous life stage on the 1st day (ex. an Elder drinks the potion and becomes an Adult on the 1st day))

The Sims 3Edit

Potions return in The Sims 3: Generations and by buying Lord Vladimir's Magic Cauldron from The Sims 3 Store. Sims are able to create them with the 'Catalyst Chemistry Lab Station, and the number of potions that can be created depends on a Sim's logic skill. After discovering all ten potion types, the Master Chemist Logic Skill Challenge will be completed. Completing this challenge gives a 25% discount on all future potions. Note that some potions, e.g. the Age Freeze potion, can only be obtained through lifetime rewards. Sims can also brew elixirs in The Sims 3: Supernatural, which have even broader and more various effects than potions.

The Sims 3: GenerationsEdit

Sims have the ability to mix a potion into regular drink, which will be called a 'Mysterious Drink'. This 'Mysterious Drink' looks like a regular drink mixed from the bar, but has exactly the same effect as the original potion when drunk. When drinking potions, Anyone but a toddler and a baby can drink it. Only children and older can make potions for a fee.

List of Potions in The Sims 3: Generations
Image Potion Effect Cost Cost with discount Logic level required
Potion Mood Enhancer Mood Enhancer Gives "Brightened Day" moodlet for 4 hours. §5 §3 1
Potion Stink Juice

Stink Juice

Drops your Sim's Hygiene to zero and gives Sim the "Smelly" moodlet. §10 §7 2
Potion Liquid Horror Liquid Horror Gives a Sim the Horrified moodlet for 8 hours. §20 §15 3
Potion Radical Reparum Radical Reparum Gives a Sim high handiness skill for 1 hour. Sims will be successful when repairing or upgrading an object and increases the speed of upgrading an object. Gives a Sim the Instant Handiness moodlet. §50 §37 4
Potion Bladder Flow Bladder Flow Reduces a Sim's bladder need to 0. §75 §56 5
Potion Sleeping Elixir Sleeping Elixir Gives your Sim the "Turbo Sleep" moodlet which makes your Sim's energy need increase faster while sleeping, as well as preventing the Sim from being woken up by any noise. §90 §67 6
Potion Ghost Ghost Potion Temporarily turns a Sim into a ghost of old age for 3 hours. Gives a Sim the Temporarily Undead moodlet. §125 §93 7
Potion Imaginary Friend Metamorphium Imaginary Friend Metamorphium

Transforms an Imaginary Friend into a real Sim.

§4500 §3375 8
Potion Ninja Vanish Ninja Vanish

Teleports a Sim back to their home instantly.

§250 §337 9
Potion Young Again Young Again Resets a Sim older than Young Adult age back to day 1 of the Young Adult stage. §5000 or 70,000 Lifetime Happiness §3750 10
Potion Young Again Age Freeze Stops Sim from aging, completely. 65000 Lifetime Happiness N/A Cannot be crafted
Potion Young Again For Pets Young Again For Pets Resets a Pet older than Adult age back to day 1 of the Adult stage. 25,000 Lifetime Happiness N/A Cannot be crafted

The Sims 3 StoreEdit

Another way to make potions is buying Lord Vladimir's Magic Cauldron from the Sims 3 Store. With this, several potions can be made. This is done by adding 'three-of-a-kind'-type items:

Potion Ingredients Effect
Compulsive Hygiene Potion Three random metals The Sim wants to clean himself: brush teeth, wash hands etc.
Sleeping Potion Three random fishes Sim's energy decreases and they want to sleep
Emotion Potion Three random gems The Sim wants to romantically socialize: hug, kiss, etc.
Vanity Potion Three random butterflies The Sim wants to check himself in mirror and change clothes
Hunger Potion Three random food products Sim's hunger decreases faster and they want to eat
Speed Reading Potion Diamond, Gold, Black Goldfish After drinking this potion, the Sim finishes reading all books in his inventory
Teleportation Potion Rainbow Butterfly, Lifefruit, Luminorious Gem After drinking this potion, the Sim rises and may teleport anywhere
Sparkle Potion Rainbow Beetle, Rainbow Trout, Rainbow Gem Sim's hunger, hygiene and fun needs increases 100% and the house cleans itself

After drinking the potion, the Sim will get the moodlet "Curiously Compulsive" (+15 Mood, 3 Hours) or "Potent Potables" (+30 Mood, 3 Hours), and during this moodlet, it affects functions.

The cauldron also has a "conjure" feature. By choosing conjure, a new, random item will appear in the cauldron. You can place appearing items from cauldron into the Sim's inventory and choose conjure again and again to make a lot of Simoleons. However, conjuring takes a lot of energy, so if it is used several times in a row, the Sim using it might pass out.

The Sims 4Edit

Children can make potions with the Junior Wizard Starter Set. Children with level 7 mental skill can make the Emotion Potion. At level 10, children can make the Stink Drink.

With Get to Work, Sims who are scientists can create potions (known as serums) by using the chemistry lab.

There are multiple potions you can buy using Satisfaction Points, such as fat potions and instant-thin potions.


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