The Power aspiration is a secret aspiration that was dropped before The Sims 2's release. It can be accessed by the Sim Modder with the boolprop testingcheatsenabled cheat.

The aspiration has some wants that are similar to Popularity and Fortune wants and in Free Time the Aspiration Benefits for Power are the same as Popularity and Fortune.

Little more is known about this mysterious aspiration. The wants and fears of this aspiration mostly have nothing to do with actual Power, as one would think it would be like "Influence a Sim to...", "Get a Job in the Military Career" or "Own a Business". Some of the wants are actually "Read a Book", " Go to Work/School" or "Jump on the Bed", which shows it's unfinished.

Also, if accessed via the Sim Modder, it does not appear to have an icon,[1] which is another indication that it's unfinished. However, when looking at the program files, the hidden icon for the aspiration can be found. This icon appears to have been later modified into the icon for the Pleasure Aspiration, with the lightning bolt removed and one of the legs bent.

Some pre-made deceased Sims (like Julius Caesar, Hamlet Dane, Sr., etc.) appear to have this aspiration. It also can be found on some universal NPCs (Grim Reaper, Hula Zombie, Ideal PlantSim, Rod Humble, etc.)

All universal NPCs appear to have this aspiration when viewed in SimPE, even though the Therapist actually has the Knowledge aspiration, Genie Midlock has the Fortune aspiration, and Mrs. Crumplebottom has the Family aspiration. This can be proven in-game.

Also the Grim Reaper and Hula Zombie will have a random aspiration if either of them are added to a playable household using cheats, and the household is saved, exited, and reloaded. However this is strongly not recommended, as it will cause game corruption.

As the aspiration is incomplete, it may cause errors and game glitches, so it should only be used at the player's own risk. If a Sim with the power aspiration ages up, they will always receive a memory of growing up badly, regardless of aspiration level. Sims with the power aspiration will always have a grey tombstone at death, even with platinum aspiration. It is also worth noting that if a Sim goes into aspiration failure and the game tries to trigger a desperation animation autonomously on the Sim after a visit from the Therapist, the Sim will reset themselves.

If a Sim with the power aspiration uses the ReNuYuSenso Orb there is a high chance that it will fail, causing the Sim's aspiration to become Grilled Cheese, even if their aspiration level is gold or higher. The Power aspiration's meter levels have the same titles as the Romance aspiration meter levels.


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