A bust of Princess Cordelia

Princess Cordelia is a name that appears a series of furniture in The Sims 4, however, there is currently no official (playable or unplayable) Sim of Princess Cordelia to see in game. Her backstory is very elaborate and appears to be Sim lore or an inside joke among the developers.



Princess Cordelia was presumably born into some kind of royal household, hence the title of princess, but her last name is not mentioned in any of the object descriptions, nor is there any mention of her parents or any siblings. However, due to her retaining the title of princess it is quite likely that she does have a living parent or grandparent with monarch status.

She had a great love for Jazz music and even had her own band which featured a saxophone player named Jacob Goldentips, a bass player named Martin Maxwell, as well as two unnamed members (trumpet and piano). The piano also happens to be Cordelia's favorite instrument.

She adored tea, and princes would come from across the lands to have tea with her, but she much preferred the company of pirate captains, and would end up dating a total of 3 pirate captains throughout her life.

A Statue of Bob the Butler

Cordelia loved the ocean and would quite often be found spending her free time at the beach lounging by tide pools for hours. She enjoyed watching the delicate sea anemones in the waters and was amused with the way crabs would hastily scuttle away from gulls that circles in the skies above. She liked the taste of crab, but her favorite meal to eat was scallops fried in garlic, which was first cooked for her aboard her private submersible, by her first pirate boyfriend's chef.

Living in a palace, Cordelia had many staff to cater to her every need from maids to gardeners, and even her own furniture artisans and astronomers. Two notable members of her staff are her butler Bob, and her personal chef, Matilda. Looks were important to Cordelia and she would usually be seen wandering the palace grounds dressed in a bustle and corset with her hair up and embellished with a jeweled headdress.

Cordelia's PalaceEdit

Princess Cordelia lived in a grand palace that was at the coast of a vast kingdom. It is not mentioned where this kingdom is located, however in one of Cordelia's paintings of her painting studio shows a view of a seaside buildings, so it is possible that the kingdom is located near the coast. It is mentioned that residents of the kingdom dressed quite formally, with the women wearing long dresses and the men wearing top hats. Cordelia mentions that there are a lot of cats living throughout the kingdom, and she dislikes them because they make her sneeze.
Land-Coral Garden Painting

Cordelia's painting titled 'Land-Coral Garden' shows a coastal town

The royal house is adorned with vases of beautiful flowers and Cordelia enjoyed painting pictures of them. The also loved the fragrant smells that they released, filling the halls of the palace.

Cordelia was well educated and she had hundreds of books in the palace library. She also had her own painting studio filled with her many paintings and sculptures, and she even had her own private submersible, The Eppsilon.

The Great Sloth InvasionEdit

The Great Sloth Invasion was a disaster that struck Cordelia's kingdom and forced its residents to evacuate those who did not perish due to the invading Giant Sloths. Cordelia was able to escape in time and took everything she could carry into her submersible along with her pirate boyfriend Captain Long John Buttercups and his crew, and a handful of her own staff from the palace, including her furniture artisans. Despite having 48 rooms, The Epsilon quickly became full and unfortunately, there was no room for her beloved Jazz band, or her butler and personal chef. So with a heavy heart, she had to fire them. In memory, she painted a series of silhouettes of her Jazz band and various other entertainers that were left behind and had a sculpture of her butler created.

Pirate BoyfriendsEdit

Being a princess, Cordelia was regularly in the company of various princes, but she was much more interested in pirates. Throughout her life she dated 3 pirate captains. The first was Captain Long John Buttercups, but things didn't work out with him as he was a little too fond of Cordelia's corset and was disgustingly unhygienic, even after Cordelia designed him a sink. Cordelia then met the handsome and well groomed, yet unbearably vain Captain Chaz MacFreeling, but she quickly tired of his narcissism (and obsessive mirror-looking) and broke things off with him. Her third boyfriend was the clumsy Captain Rodrigo De Pablo, who was always getting himself hurt whilst aboard The Epsilon, including burning his feet. Cordelia gave him a peg leg for this, but one time when they were sitting together by a fire, his peg leg caught on fire. On Cordelia's ottoman it states "At least he never suffered a broken heart." This means it's possible Rodrigo was killed from this incident. This is a shame as he was Cordelia's favorite boyfriend. All 3 of Cordelia's pirate boyfriends had beloved parrots and each captain had a plate crafted to commemorate their parrot. However, each time Cordelia broke up with the pirates, she was left stuck with the plate and soon had quite the collection.

Life on The EppsilonEdit

Princess Cordelia loved the outdoors so life on a submersible must have been difficult. She spent a lot of her time in her workshop designing pieces of furniture inspired by her experiences of the sea for her furniture artisans to craft, most of them were drawn from elements of ocean life and from creatures she saw through the submersibles windows. She also enjoyed sitting at her desk and dreamily writing about her pirate boyfriends in her journal. Cordelia wanted to know what time it was outside, so she designed a clock, but as she still didn't know if it was day of night, she fed it to a kraken that regularly attacked her ship with fire. She actually used the kraken's fire to fire a porcelain bathtub that she designed.

Cordelia traveled the world in her submersible, selling the furniture she created at the port they were docked at, and to determine where The Eppsilon was going to travel next. Cordelia would spin the globe in her room and wherever it landed she would tell her pilot to take her there. Cordelia loved the winter and would ask her pilot to bring the submersible to the surface so she could watch the cold water dripping from the icicles frozen to the hull.

It is not mentioned whether or not Cordelia returned to her fallen kingdom.

Additional referencesEdit

  • In build mode, lots of items of the "Queen Anne" style have information about Princess Cordelia.
  • A YouTuber by the pseudonym "Chrillsims3" has made a very in-depth video about Princess Cordelia called "Who is Princess Cordelia?", with hypotheses such as her having lived in Greece before the Great Sloth Invasion.[1]