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Puny is a Fatal Flaw featured in The Sims Medieval.

Puny Sims are physically weak and feeble. They can rarely hold their own in a fight, and strenuous activity quickly leaves them tired and sore.


  • Sims with this trait will have a more difficult time winning fights and duels due to their weak physicality. Like all Fatal Flaws, it can be replaced with a Legendary Trait via certain Quests.
  • Puny Sims become sore faster when doing strenuous activities i.e. fighting, mining etc.
  • Puny Sims are not prone to disease, unlike those with a Weak Constitution.
  • Puny Sims often lose at Kingball.
  • Puny Sims get drunk faster.


Puny is easy to deal with if your Hero Sim does not have to fight for their profession. It is hard for the Monarch, Spy, Blacksmith and Knight to have this flaw, because they have Responsibilities involving fighting, hunting etc. For the Sims with the Jacoban Priest, Peteran Priest, Bard, Merchant, Physician or Wizard profession, it will not be much of a problem, because they do not have many activities that involve physical exertion.

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