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The Sims FreePlay has several quests for players to complete. Each quest unlocks awards for the player's Sims i.e. experience points and items that can be used in general gameplay (buildings, furniture etc.).

The Sims FreePlay TutorialEdit

After making first Sim -  

  • Shake Hands With The Lost Dog.                                                  
  • Make The Dog Dig for Treasure                                                  
  • Buy A Toilet Use A Toilet
  • Wash Hands In A Sink
  • Grow Some Bell Pepper-30secs (Buy a garden patch and plant some bell peppers)
  • Buy A Stereo
  • Add A Sim (Build another home and then add a Sim)
  • Spend 600 Simoleons on Walls and Floors
  • Buy a Fridge
  • Buy a Shower
  • Buy a Lounge chair
  • Buy a TV
  • Add or Expand a Room
  • Buy a Bed
  • Use Simtracker
  • Make a Sim 'Be Funny' (Get two Sims to the same house, then make one 'be funny' to the other)
  • Get Two Sims to be acquaintances
  • Inspire Two Sims (Maximize all the two Sims' needs)
  • Have Two Sims Gardening at the same time
  • Collect Revenue on the Town Map
  • Check Your Mailbox
  • Have a "Power Snooze"
  • Have a Turbo Snack from a Fridge
  • Add a Sim to Town
  • Use a Cupcake to inspire a Sim - 5 LP
  • Build a Workplace
  • Get One Sim a Job
  • Make Two Sims Friends
  • Add or expand a room...again
  • Buy a Lamp
  • Get Four Sims For The Party
  • Buy a 2 Star rated Stereo
  • Make Four Sims Dance To a Stereo
  • Build a Business
  • Buy a Stove
  • Practice Baking
  • Buy a Coffee Machine
  • Bake a 2nd Batch of Treats
  • Buy a Coffee Table
  • Buy two Lounge Chairs
  • Bake a Final Batch of Treats
  • Get Five Sims in One House
  • Have Four Sims Gardening
  • Build Two Workplaces
  • Make Two Sims 'Good Friends'
  • Buy a Phone (electronics)
  • Call a Friend
  • Get 3 Sims In One House
  • Buy a Couch
  • Get Three Sims To Watch a Show
  • Make a 'Double Shot Coffee'
  • Get Three Sims To Watch A Movie
  • Be Rude To a Sim
  • Have a Romantic Relationship With a Sim
  • Visit The Party Boat
  • Visit The Salon On The Town Map
  • Purchase a Basic Home Pack From The Online Store it's free
  • Place The New Lamp In a House (Inventory)
  • Put An Item Into The inventory
  • Design an outfit
  • Visit The Mystery Box Shop
  • Grow watermelon- 1hr

The Sims FreePlay Quest Love Is In The Air ListEdit

This is the first quest on FreePlay and unlocked at level 6. Completing this quest allows the player's Sims to get married and if's completed within 2 days, the player will unlock the wedding bundle that is available in wardrobes and fancy dress store:

  • Rich Lather in Shower
  • Have 2 Sims in 1 House
  • Have a Sim flirt with another Sim- 5 minutes
  • Make fancy coffee- 5 minutes
  • Be romantic to another Sim- 1 minute
  • Form a budding relationship
  • Have 2 Sims watch a movie- 1hr 45mins
  • Form a dating relationship (be romantic a few times until this happens)
  • Make a Sim kiss another Sim on the cheek- 2 seconds
  • Send a Sim home
  • Sleep through alarm- 11 hours
  • Expand a room
  • Buy a 3 star bed- the cheapest is 3000 simoleons
  • Bake heart shaped cookies- 12 minutes
  • Grow onions- 7 hours
  • Have 2 Sims in the same house
  • Be romantic to another Sim- 1 minute
  • Have 2 Sims eat a meal (click on the fridge select the option, when the sim sits down to eat, click the fridge and select the option for the other sim)
  • Bake chocolate pudding- 2 hours
  • Become partners (be romantic until this happens)
  • Woohoo- 5 minutes
  • Buy 2 roses (there are free ones in the garden section)
  • Get engaged (propose marriage- 8 seconds)
  • Call a friend- 5 minutes
  • Make 2 engaged Sims move in together- 6 seconds
  • Have 5 Sims in one house
  • SIMFM Hottest 100 (have 5 Sims dance to this on the radio)
  • Build the Park- 3hrs
  • Have 5 Sims in the park
  • Ask ducks about ring- 6 minutes
  • Get married- 6 seconds

The Sims FreePlay: Money Grows on Trees Quest ListEdit

Unlocks at Level 7 to gain access on The Simoleon Sprout and Life Points Lotus Plants

  • Ponder on a living chair- 2mins
  • Watch a documentary-50mins
  • Make a double shot of coffee
  • Grow Watermelons
  • Make a Hot Snack in the Microwave
  • Grow a Simoleon Sprout
  • Jump on couch

The Sims Freeplay: Two and a Half SimsEdit

Unlocks at Level 8 to have the ability to make babies with Sims. If the quest is completed within 3 days, the players will unlock the baby decoration pack that includes wallpaper, carpet, and a mobile.

  • Be nice to a Sim-1min
  • Expand or Create a room
  • Spend 450 on Wallpapers and Floors
  • Read "Better farms and cribs" Magazine(2–3 hours)
  • Hibernate in a Bed(~24 hours)
  • Have a Doubleshot of Coffee(~1 min)
  • Watch "Dr.Cots" on TV- 1-2hrs
  • Build the Children's Store-8hrs
  • Buy a Crib- the cheapest is 6000 simoleons
  • Add a Baby (24 hours)

The Sims Freeplay: Ocean View Estate QuestEdit

Unlocks at level 9 complete it to unlock the premium residence which gives you bigger houses next to the ocean. You have two days to complete if you want to unlock the beachside escape property.

  • Read House, Garden and Llamas Magazine-  (you can find this in the stack of magazines in the Living Room section)
  • Play the Sims on the computer 
  • Call real estate agent on phone
  • Watch Sim house blitz on TV
  • Have a double shot of coffee
  • Call a Sim to the park
  • Perform fake auction with ducks in the park
  • Feed the ducks in the park
  • Bake banana bread- 20hrs
  • Wash hands in the sink
  • Build the real estate agency- 8hrs
  • Get a Sim a job as a real estate agent
  • send a real estate agent to work

The Sims Freeplay: Mysterious IslandEdit

Unlocks at level 10. Complete it to unlock the island and monuments to get bonuses on actions. Unlocks a statue for the garden if you complete it on time.

  • Watch the news-2-5mins
  • Find the mysterious island on a globe (the globe can be found in the decorations section for 10,000)
  • Download bridge schematics on a computer (11 minutes) [clarification needed]
  • Post bridge schematics using letter box
  • Call construction team on phone (15 minutes) [clarification needed]
  • Watch ‘found’ on TV
  • Drink herbal tea  
  • Call the construction team on phone (15 minutes)
  • Bake croissants (18 hours)
  • Build the mysterious bridge (24 hours)

The Sims FreePlay: Raiders of the Lost ArtifactsEdit

Unlocks at level 10 after you've completed Mysterious Island. Complete it in a day and you will receive a treasure chest full of Artifacts, LPs, XPs and more.

  • Go to the mysterious island 
  • Tap on a monument 
  • Read big book of stuff- 24 hrs
  • Turbo snack from a fridge- 30 secs
  • Search for artifacts in the garbage- 8 mins
  • Find the third artifact by baking, gardening or using objects (any normal activity can find the artifact) 
  • Upgrade the riches of terra to level 1 

The Sims FreePlay: Quest for ToddlersEdit

Unlocks at level 12. Complete it to grow toddlers.  If you complete within 5 days you get the dress up chest.

  • Watch a documentary
  • Watch sunflower street on TV
  • Expand or change a room
  • Build the pet store 
  • Buy a pet from the pet store 
  • Buy a dollhouse from the children’s store
  • Have a fancy coffee
  • Bake rocky road
  • Contemplate life at the lake (click on ducks)
  • Ask statue in park for advice
  • Stare at the park statue
  • Get serious advice from the park statue
  • Listen to a stereo

The Sims FreePlay: Going SwimminglyEdit

Unlocks at level 11. Complete it to get the swimming center and garden pools. If you complete within 6 days you unlock the volleyball pool set. 

  • Build the swimming center, Cost 150,000
  • Send a Sim to the swim center
  • Admire the slide at the swim center
  • Have 4 Sims at the swim center
  • Look at diving board apprehensively
  • Hide in swim center toilet
  • Ask wumples for advice
  • Supervise in a lifeguard chair
  • Use a diving board
  • Find 1st set of diving collectibles (you need to find 3 different medals)
  • Look at the pool slide apprehensively
  • Use vehicle in swim center carpark
  • Be nice to a Sim
  • Cuddle a cat at the swim center
  • Give lost cat directions
  • Use the slide (there is a glitch on this goal, so leave the swim center and go back, if you leave the pool screen and it says due to the weather change you can’t do that action, the only way around this is to stay on the screen for the whole time which is very annoying or skip it with LPs)
  • Splash a Sim in the pool
  • Flip a Sim in a pool
  • Chat to a Sim while in the pool
  • Talk to wumples
  • Talk to wumples again
  • Use the slide

The Sims FreePlay: Need For SteedEdit

Unlocks at level 11. Complete it to get horses.

  • Drive A Car (Buy One From The Car Shop On The Town Map) - 3 min
  • Look for Horse (Need a Telescope from the Promotions 'R' Us Store) - 10 hrs
  • Call mysterious number

The Sims FreePlay: Preparing for PreteensEdit

Unlocks at level 13. Complete it to grow your toddlers into preteens. This quest has no time limit.

  • Build simtown elementary
  • Purchase a study desk
  • Purchase a preteen bookshelf
  • Read Harriet Putter
  • Read Everything You Need To Know
  • Buy a preteen bed
  • Buy a trampoline
  • Celebrate the trampoline
  • Bake gingerbread Sims
  • Bake cookies
  • Talk to thinking man statue
  • Be rude to thinking man statue
  • Play Sims on PC (video game on TV)

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