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A relic is an item, usually of great value, that can be found in a tomb. Sometimes Sims can find additional relics in tombs after mourning at a tombstone. Relics can also be bought and sold from the Relic Merchant in each exotic location. A relic can be "analyzed" to determine its age and worth.

After a relic is collected, the Sim can sell it, however, analyzing its exact worth may yield greater reward. Relics may be contemporary, old, antique, or ancient. Contemporary relics are worth less than originally estimated. Old relics are worth about the same amount. Antique and ancient relics, on the other hand, are worth more than expected.

There are 9 known Relic Collections. Chinese vases, Dangerous creatures, Dropa stones, Zodiac animals, Canopic jars, Gold figurines, Egyptian tombs, Chinese tombs and French tombs.

Common Relics Edit

Statistics Edit

Sites Excavated, Relics found in Shang Simla, Relics found in Al Simhara, Relics found in Champs Les Sims, Most Valuable Found, Oldest Found, Number of Relics Analyzed, Simoleons Earned Selling Relics.

Challenges Edit

Historical Hoarder
A Historical Hoarder has collected 20 Relics of each culture. Relics discovered by Historical Hoarders are 50% more valuable.

List of Common Relics Edit

All common relics will be named for the civilization that produced them. Usually, Sims will find them in their respective countries (French relics in France, etc.), however, this is not always the case.

Fossilized Produce
These relics are the least valuable that are commonly found. They look like stone versions of garden produce and can be displayed, but not eaten or planted. A fossilized tomato, for example, will look like a gray stone tomato.

These relics come in a variety of materials and can be either whole or broken. Materials from least to most valuable are: stone, copper, gold, red pottery and brown pottery.

Like bowls, these relics are found in a variety of materials and either whole or broken. Materials from least to most valuable are: stone, copper, gold, red pottery and brown pottery. There are two styles of whole vases, those with a narrow neck versus those with a wider neck.

In China and Egypt, a variety of common statue relics can be found. They come in many forms and materials. There are tiger, dragon, sphinx, and snake statues which can be made of copper, jade, stone and gold.

Canopic Jars
In Egypt, a variety of common canopic jars can be found. They do not belong to the Canopic Jars collection, detailed in the next section. They can be made of stone, red pottery and brown pottery.

Relic Collections Edit

Statistics Edit

Relics found in Shang Simla, Relics found in Al Simhara, Relics found in Champs Les Sims, Most Valuable Found, Number of Relics Analyzed, Simoleons Earned Selling Relics, Discovered Collections, Completed Collections.

Challenges Edit

Relic Collection Connoisseur
Relic Collection Connoisseurs have completed 6 collections. Relic Collection Connoisseurs gain 50% more mood increase from the Wondrous Collection moodlet.

List of Collections Edit

Canopic Jars (Egypt)

  • Weeping Canopic Jar
  • Little Pharao Canopic Jar
  • Canopic Jar of the Cat
  • Canopic Jar of the Eagle
  • Mummified Canopic Jar

Chinese Vases (China)

  • Vase of the Dragon
  • Vase of Barooka
  • Vase of the Empress
  • Vase of Amin
  • Vase of Life
  • Vase of Maroof
  • Vase of Nosylla
  • Vase of Nebu

Dangerous Creatures Collection

Relic dangerous creatures collection

A majestic sight to behold for any Sim.

Dangerous Creatures

  • Fu-dog (China)
  • Fearless Gargoyle (France)
  • Statue of Ammit (Egypt)
  • Statue of Anubis (Egypt)

Dropa Stones

  • Dropa Stone of the Fleur (France)
  • Dropa Stone of the Vortex (China)
  • Dropa Stone of the Sky (China)
  • Dropa Stone of the Endless Sands (Egypt)
  • Dropa Stone of the Enlightened (Egypt)
  • Dropa Stone of the Stars (France)

Gold Figurines (Egypt)

  • Seth of the Desert
  • Horus of the Sky
  • Sultan of the Sphinx
  • Statue of the Cobra

Zodiac Animals (China)

  • Snake of Simhara
  • Wandering Tiger of Baroo
  • Green Dragon

Chinese Tombs

  • Symbol of the Temple of the Dragon
  • Symbol of the Market Caverns
  • Symbol of Pangu's Haven
  • Symbol of the Halls of the Lost Army
  • Symbol of the Hot Springs Cave
  • Symbol of the Annex of the Resolute Fist
  • Symbol of the Tomb of the First Emperor
  • Symbol of the Resolute Fist Retreat
  • Symbol of Dong Huo's Treasure Trove

Egyptian Tombs

  • Sigil of the Ancient Library (20 West Riverview Place)
  • Sigil of the Copper Quarry (Copper Quarry)
  • Sigil of the Tomb of the Rock (Pyramid of the Burning Sands)
  • Sigil of the Tomb of Discovery (Tomb of Discovery)
  • Sigil of the Tomb of the Burning Sands (Pyramid of the Burning Sands)
  • Sigil of the Tomb of the Desert Ocean
  • Sigil of the Criminal Headquarters (10 East Riverview Place)
  • Sigil of James Vaughan's Command Center (1 Quarry View Place)
  • Sigil of the Soulpeace Chambers (The Great Sphinx)
  • Sigil of Queen Hatshepsut (The Temple of Queen Hatshepsut)
  • Sigil of the Bazaar Basement (Al Simhara Market)
  • Sigil of the Den of the Lost Souls (7 Marketview Place)
  • Sigil of the Sanctuary of Horus (Abu Simbel)

French Tombs

  • Signet of Le Chateau du Landgraab
  • Signet of the Nectary Cellars
  • Signet of the Tomb of Isael
  • Signet of the Tomb of Jean Nectaux
  • Signet of the Museum Catacombs
  • Signet of Tuatha's Garden
  • Signet of King's Burial Ground (Forgotten Burial Ground)
  • Signet of the Maze of the High Ruler (Forgotten Burial Ground)
  • Signet of Smugglers Cavern (Forgotten Burial Ground)

Special Relic-like ItemsEdit

Relic-like items are not proper relics, but look a lot like them. Players can obtain these using the testingcheatsenabled true + buydebug cheats.

Eyes of Horus

There are two, the left eye and the right eye. Teleport from one eye to the other. Found in Abu Simbel tomb.

Tear of Horus

Bought from Special Merchant. Reveals dig sites in map view.

Pangu's Axe

Found in a Shang Simla tomb. Used to smash giant boulders.

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