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A Rep group is a group of like-minded and styled Urbz. Rep groups exist in The Urbz: Sims in the City.

Not all Urbz are part of a rep group, some of them are unclassified, such as Bayou Boo, Crawdad Clam, Sharona Faster, and more.

List of Rep GroupsEdit

Rep groups available are:

  • Artsies, for example: Roxanna Moxie, Cannonball Coleman, Pritchard Locksley, Theresa Bullhorn.
  • Richies, for example: Lily Gates, Lottie Cash, Luthor L. Bigbucks, Misty Waters.
  • Streeties, for example: Crystal, Darius, Kris Thistle, Ewan Wahtahamee.
  • Nerdies, for example: Polly Nomial, Sue Pirnova, Maximilian Moore, Lincoln Broadsheet.


  • Artsies Roxanna Moxie is the leader
  • Richies Luthor L. Bigbucks is the leader
  • Streeties Darius is the leader
  • Nerdies Polly Nomial is the leader


  • The Artsies hate the Nerdies.
  • The Richies hate the Streeties.

And it's the same the other way around

How to get each Rep groupEdit

During the start you get a questionnaire that affects your Rep group and Xizzles the first question affects your Rep group

  • Streeties choose- Having the toughest Rep
  • Artsies choose- Busting sweet rhymes
  • Nerdies choose- Mad l33t computer skillz
  • Richies choose- Fat sacks of cash money

How to get 10 rep points in a rep groupEdit

  • You have to do their Rep Mission
  • Give them back their trophy
  • Have a relationship of 50+ with all members except for their leader in which you must have 100
  • Have a -5 or less relationship with the leader of the opposite rep, E.G If doing it for the Richies you must have a -5 with Darius.
  • Have a roommate that is a member of that group
  • Get 10 skill points in the category that corresponds to that group

Rep missionsEdit


  • Seriously Annoy Daddy bigbucks (Relationship -50)
  • Convince someone to join the streeties (50+ Relation with Ewan Watahmee)
  • Get the highest promotion in Basketball (Level 5)


  • Get highest promotion in Dr. Max Stat minigame
  • Create a petrified wood Chess piece
  • Sell 15 bog frogs to the deputy (All at once)


  • Get highest promotion in comedy club minigame
  • Bake a strawberry tiramisu (1 Strawberry, 1 Vanilla and 1 flour)
  • Clean up the city! Recycle 100 piles of trash (All at once, and if you go through the story too fast, trash disappears)


  • Get highest promotion in Moogoo Monkey
  • Own $30,000 of items
  • Have $10000 in cash


Each Rep group has 2 Xizzles limited to only them and 1 the player must get a high rep with them first to get it.

Artsies have extra

  • Night Owl Energy Decays 50% slower at night
  • Djinn Genius (Bonus) Xizzle Gives you a magic lamp to pee and sleep in.

Nerdies have Extra

  • Off the grid All bills 75% Cheaper
  • Spell champ (Bonus) Unlocks an extra mini-game

Streeties have extra

  • Quick as a flash increases running speed 10%
  • Street Signs (Bonus) Any person part of a rep group is easier to socialize with.

Richies have extra

  • Genial Behavior When at minimum energy passing out is 75% less likely
  • Gratis Baby (Bonus) Every time you get bills you also get 400 simoleons

Special RewardsEdit

Nerdies Get a Machine that randomly increases a Skill

Streeties Get a Stereo that can play any track on the game

Richies Get a Machine that get's all their motives up

Artsies Get a Machine that can change their skin color and hair.


  • According to Lily Gates, there used to be more than 4 rep groups such as the punkies.

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