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Rocking chair
Rockingchairs ts3sn
Two types of rocking chairs.
Game The Sims 3: Supernatural
Buyable Buy mode
Price §350-§630
Type Comfort
Size 2x1

Rocking chairs are interactive chairs introduced in The Sims 3: Supernatural. There are three different designs which are wooden, antique, and modern; all of which can be found in Living Chairs under Comfort in Buy mode. They take up a 2x1 area of space and must not be blocked by an object in front.

Rocking chairs enable a Sim to rock while sitting, restoring both energy and fun slowly. Instead of having the "Sit" interaction like any other chair, rocking chairs have the "Rock" interaction. Sims can read a book or take a nap while rocking, and they can also hold babies or toddlers.

List of rocking chairsEdit

Image Name Cost Description Notes
Relax-O-Rocker Relax-O-Rocker §350 It's nice that recliners can go back, but aren't you tired of chairs that only go halfway? The Relax-O-Rocker with TruSway technology can go back AND forth! Now that's a chair with a full range of motion! Nothing soothes the soul like a gentle sway in a Relax-O-Rocker. You'll lose hours to the comfort and rhythm. It's like sitting - only better! Environment: 1
The Professor Rocking Chair The Professor Rocking Chair §425 For people who like old-timey things that aren't old-timey, here's the Professor Rocking Chair, from Xavier's Furniture Outlet. It offers the comfort of rocking slowly back-and-forth with significantly reduced "old-person-feel." Rock in style with the sleek and handsome Professor Rocking Chair! Environment: 2
Sunnytime Antique Rocking Chair Sunnytime Antique Rocking Chair §630 This treasure was discovered in the now-abandoned Sunnytime Factory. Once all the rage, this quaint style of rocking chair is now making a comeback! Only a handful of these genuine antiques survived, so don’t miss your chance to own a beautiful piece of social/industrial history. Environment: 2


  • The "Nap" interaction may be more efficient than most beds' "Sleep" interactions in some cases, taking two naps to fill up a Sim's energy.
  • Taking a nap will not remove the "Enjoying the Late Night" moodlet from the Night Owl trait.
  • Rocking chairs give players a method to combat the fun drop from reading a skill book.
  • A rocking chair can be unlocked in The Sims FreePlay after the player builds a children's store.