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Rocking chair
Rockingchairs ts3sn
Two types of rocking chairs
Game The Sims 3: Supernatural
Buyable Buy mode
Price §350/§425
Type Comfort
Size 2x1

A rocking chair is an interactive chair introduced in The Sims 3: Supernatural. It has three different designs which are wooden, antique, and modern and the three of them can be found in Living Chairs under Comfort in Buy mode. It takes up a 2x1 area of space and must not be blocked by an object in front.

The rocking chair enables a Sim to rock it while sitting, restoring both Energy and Fun slowly. Instead of having the Sit interaction like any other normal chairs, the rocking chair has the interaction Rock, when a sim sits onto it and rocks slowly. Sims can read a book or take a Nap whilst slowly be rocking it.

The Sim can also rock with a baby or toddler. To do so, he/she must carry a baby/toddler. There is an interaction where the Sim will sit and rock with the carrier.

List of rocking chairsEdit

Image Name Cost Description Notes
Relax-O-Rocker Relax-O-Rocker §350 It's nice that recliners can go back, but aren't you tired of chairs that only go halfway? The Relax-O-Rocker with TruSway technology can go back AND forth! Now that's a chair with a full range of motion! Nothing soothes the soul like a gentle sway in a Relax-O-Rocker. You'll lose hours to the comfort and rhythm. It's like sitting - only better! Environment: 1
The Professor Rocking Chair The Professor Rocking Chair §425 For people who like old-timey things that aren't old-timey, here's the Professor Rocking Chair, from Xavier's Furniture Outlet. It offers the comfort of rocking slowly back-and-forth with significantly reduced "old-person-feel." Rock in style with the sleek and handsome Professor Rocking Chair! Environment: 2
Sunnytime Antique Rocking Chair Sunnytime Antique Rocking Chair §630 This treasure was discovered in the now-abandoned Sunnytime Factory. Once all the rage, this quaint style of rocking chair is now making a comeback! Only a handful of these genuine antiques survived, so don’t miss your chance to own a beautiful piece of social/industrial history. Environment: 2


  • It is possible for the Nap interaction to outmatch most bed's Sleep interaction, including the hover bed, in energy gains, though this takes 2 naps from Sleepy to full.
    • Taking a Nap will not remove the "Enjoying the Late Night" moodlet from the Night Owl trait.
  • Rocking chairs give players a method to combat the Fun drop from reading a skill book.
  • A rocking chair can be unlocked in the Sim Freeplay after the player builds the childrens store.