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Trait TS4 Romantic
Romantic is an emotional trait that was introduced in The Sims 4.

"These Sims tend to be Flirty and may become Sad if they don't have any Romantic social interactions for a period of time."


Flirty Romance
  • Romantic Sims randomly get a "Feeling Flirty" moodlet, which lasts for 4 hours.
Tense Romance
  • Romantic Sims may get the tense "Lovelorn" moodlet, if they haven't flirted in a while.
  • Romantic Sims can use "Offer Rose" and "Kiss Hands" interactions.

Whims Edit

  • Become Flirty
  • Watch Romantic TV Show
  • Freshen Up in the Mirror
  • Flirt with Someone

Romantic Sims Edit

Bella Goth, Katrina Caliente, Dina Caliente, Nina Caliente, Don Lothario, Luna Villareal, Eva Capricciosa, Gladys Morse, Mimsy, Jesminder Bheeda, Akira Kibo, Penny Pizzazz, Anaya Jang

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