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Tramp Sim

A Sim rummaging through the trash in The Sims 3

Rummaging through trash usually isn't worth the drop in hygiene. However, it is possible to find treasures worth up to §15,600. Rummaging may prove worthwhile for Sims with low income, particularly when rummaging through the trash cans of rich Sims. Sims in the Law Enforcement and the Journalism careers also use it to dig up dirt on someone they wish to write a report on.

List of items found in the trashEdit

Journalists can also find negative information about a Sim in the household, which can be used to write a negative story. A story can be written from an Interview, although this requires the Sim to be a friend with the interviewee.

Sims in the Law Enforcement career can also find information to write a report on a Sim in the household. A report can be written from Questioning the Sim, but this requires the Sim to be on good terms with the law enforcement official.

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