Sackholme family
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Sackholme family
Lots of things always seem to happen around Susie & Mason. Though well-intentioned, they usually fall prey to some scheme or attack and danger seems to follow them wherever they go. That doesn't keep the men and women in town from being hopelessly attracted to them, however. Some think it's because there may have been fairy in their blood line.
Name Sackholme family
Members Susie Sackholme, Mason Sackholme
Number of generations 2 generations
Lot 75 Shillelagh Street
Funds §1,200
Difficulty level Difficulty2
Other Information
Game TS3DV Icon The Sims 3 Store
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Dragon Valley

The Sackholme family is a pre-made family from the downloadable neighborhood of Dragon Valley, available from The Sims 3 Store. The family consists of brother and sister duo, Susie and Mason. The family bio indicates that there may be fairy blood in their bloodline. Susie works in the Culinary career while Mason works in the Law Enforcement career. The family reside at 75 Shillelagh Street and begin the game with §1,200 in household funds.


  • The family are a parody on the Stackhouse family, a family on American television drama series True Blood.
  • Despite their family description stating they have fairy blood in their family, Susie and Mason both have normal life states. Players with The Sims 3: Supernatural are able to turn them into fairies manually, however.