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A Sad Sim

Sad is an emotion available in The Sims 4. It occurs when a Sim has gone through a somewhat traumatic experience. This emotion can evolve into very sad.

Sims may cry frequently when sad.

Interactions and Activities Edit

Sims will only have a chance to use these interactions and do these activities while sad.

Interactions Edit

  • Complain about Problems
  • Ask for Advice
  • Gloomy Compliment
  • Attempt to Flirt
  • Send sad text (using their phone) - more often than not, the recipient messages back inviting the sad Sim to their place to be cheered up.

Activities Edit

  • Give Yourself a Pep Talk (mirror)
  • Call Sadness Hotline
  • Cry it Out (bed/closet)
  • Swim Around Sadly (pool)
  • Water plant with tears (requires level 2 of Gardening skill)
  • Cry (Toddlers, Children and Teens only)

Interactions on Sad Sims Edit

Sims will only have a chance to use these interactions with a sad Sim.

  • Try to cheer up
  • Console about death: A ghost sim can console a sad Sim who witnessed his death or is mourning him

Supportive Traits and Events Edit

These traits affect how often a Sim is sad.

  • Gloomy
  • Family Oriented Sims will become Sad if they do not interact with family members for a time.
  • Good Sims will become Sad when interacting with an Evil Sim.
  • Jealous sims will get +1 moodlet if they are near a couple
  • Clingy (toddlers only) - toddlers with this trait will more likely be sad than angry if their basic needs (e.g. hunger, energy, fun) are not met or if their parents leave the house.  Clingy toddlers who become ravenous will be very sad but the timer to resolve their needs does not appear.
  • Angelic (toddlers only) - toddlers with this trait will more likely be sad than angry if their basic needs (e.g. hunger, energy, fun) are not met. Angelic toddlers who become ravenous will be very sad but the timer to resolve their needs does not appear.

These events may lead to a sad moodlet regardless of a Sim's traits.

  • Witnessing a death - Sims will get a +5 very sad moodlet for approximately 48 hours.  This happens even if the grieving Sim does not have a close relationship to the deceased Sim.  It is very difficult to overcome this emotion. Family members who were not in the same room as the deceased Sim at the time of death are not affected.
  • Mourning a grave - Sims will get a sad moodlet for four hours after mourning someone's grave.
  • Break-up/divorce. Toddlers and children become heartbroken if they watch a break-up/divorce.
  • Unsuccessful social events - host Sims who do not get at least a bronze prize at the end of the event
  • Newborn babies (toddlers and children sometimes get a sad moodlet when they meet a new younger sibling)
  • Unsuccessful chance card outcomes from school and work
  • Unsuccessful Try for Baby (young adult and adult female Sims only)
  • Potty accident (toddlers only) - this can happen even if a toddler's potty skill is at level 3 (the maximum level).
  • Low hygiene (toddlers only)
  • Too much time doing skill-boosting activities (toddlers only)
  • Having nightmares (toddlers only)
  • Child Sim or younger whisked away to safety
  • Losing a game (especially Don't Wake the Llama)
  • Getting fired.
  • Romance Guru 
  • Homesickness from going on vacation 
  • Romance Festival (4th time the Sim gets showered with petals) 
  • Failing a protest 
  • Being near a smashed dollhouse (makes child sims cry. It also upsets the toddlers.) 
  • Getting kicked out of a club (only happens to children sims as teens, adults and elder get the angry emotion instead) 
  • Fake Bad news (this affects sims with the gloomy trait.) 
  • Having a dream crushed too many (makes toddlers cry) 
  • Destroyed School project  

Object Auras Edit

Sad paintings (made by Sims having sad emotion or having the Expressionist Aspiration Reward Trait) have the sadness aura and, if Emotional Aura is enabled, they affect Sims that are in the same room as the painting.

 Careers and Jobs Edit

No Careers benefit from the Sim being Sad or have it as their Ideal Emotion.