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Sad is an emotion available in The Sims 4. It occurs when a Sim has gone through a somewhat traumatic experience. This emotion can evolve into very sad.

Interactions and Activities Edit

Sims will only have a chance to use these interactions and do these activities while sad.

Interactions Edit

  • Complain about Problems
  • Ask for Advice
  • Gloomy Compliment
  • Attempt to Flirt

Activities Edit


"Sad" can evolve into "Very Sad".

  • Give Yourself a Pep Talk (mirror)
  • Call Sadness Hotline
  • Cry it Out (bed)
  • Cry it Out (closet)
  • Swim Around Sadly
  • Water plant with tears (requires level 2 of Gardening skill)

Interactions on Sad Sims Edit

Sims will only have a chance to use these interactions with a sad Sim.

  • Try to cheer up
  • Console about death: A ghost sim can console a sad Sim who witnessed his death or is mourning him

Supportive Traits Edit

These traits affect how often a Sim is sad.

  • Gloomy
  • Family Oriented Sims will become Sad if they do not interact with family members for a time.
  • Good Sims will become Sad when interacting with an Evil Sim.
  • Sims will become Sad if they have not conceived after Try for Baby.
  • Jealous sims will get +1 moodlet if they are near a couple

Object Auras Edit

Sad paintings (made by Sims having sad emotion or having the Expressionist Aspiration Reward Trait) have sadness aura and, if Emotional Aura is enabled, they affect Sims that are in the same room as the painting.

 Careers and Jobs Edit

No Careers benefit from the Sim being Sad or have it as their Ideal Emotion.

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