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Sage Estates - Above
Sage Estates
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Sage Estates
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Sage Estates Map
Name Sage Estates
Game(s) TS4 Icon The Sims 4

Sage Estates is a neighborhood located in Willow Creek. Homes in this neighborhood are very exclusive and there are only two of them, Oakenstead and Cypress Terrace, with one being unoccupied.

Yet, because of the size of the lots and the terrain between them, this neighborhood provides privacy for its inhabitants.



"A large property with classical styling, this is the quintessential Garden Estates home."

Type: Residential
Value: §261,153
Size: 50x50
Number of floors: 2
Number of bedrooms: 4
Number of bathrooms: 3
Oakenstead has the largest lot in Willow Creek. This southern-styled mansion has porches, balconies, and even a gazebo in the backyard. Water surrounds this lot on three sides and includes some great fishing spots as well as lots of places to explore for collectibles. The landscaping is natural and provides this mansion with the feel of being off by oneself.

Cypress TerraceEdit

Cypress Terrace
Cypress Terrace
Type: Residential
Value: §257,022
Size: 40x30
Number of floors: 3
Occupants: Spencer-Kim-Lewis family
Number of bedrooms: 5
Number of bathrooms: 4

"Modern meets traditional in this three-story home with extensive landscaping."

Cypress Terrace is the home of the Spencer-Kim-Lewis family. It has a very modern look and fits an extra bedroom and bathroom into a smaller lot. This mansion is not next to the water, but it is surrounded by trees which makes it feel like one is living in a forest. While it resides in the same neighborhood as Oakenstead, its architecture is markedly different.

Neighborhood amenitiesEdit

Sage Estates - Shoreline

Sage Estates' shoreline

While Sage Estates does not have a park or a community garden, it still offers some amenities. The shoreline that creates a border around half of this neighborhood is more secluded and offers some good fishing spots as well as logs where frogs can be found and several types of plants. There are also rocks to dig up.


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