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School is where children and teenagers attend to get education during those life stages. School appears in all of The Sims series, except in The Sims Castaway Stories. The school bus takes children and teens to and from school. In the first two games and The Sims 4, the school is located off-screen and is not visible to the player, just like careers. In The Sims 3, the school is a rabbit hole building.

The Sims Edit

Children attend school every day from 9AM to 3PM, as there are no weekends in The Sims. However, they can skip a day by missing the school bus, though this usually requires player intervention. A child who misses the school bus will lose a full grade level. A baby who becomes a child after 8 AM will not be penalized for missing school, as the bus will not come for them until the next day.

Children can boost grades by studying from books or at a computer, but do not get homework. Since children don't grow up, the only eventual reward for good grades is a 100 Simoleon reward from their relatives. (Upon examination of the bookshelf using a hacking program, it is revealed that the presence of the bookshelf is what triggers the reward.)

Children whose grades linger at F for several consecutive days are first given a warning, then banished to military school. Since military school is only mentioned, and never appears in the game, children sent there are never seen again.

The Sims 2 Edit

TS2 Sim doing homework

A Sim doing their homework.

Children attend elementary school (primary school) from 9 AM to 3 PM, and teens attend high school (secondary school) from 9 AM to 1 PM. The shorter hours for high school are for the benefit of teens who may also have a part-time job. Both children and teens get the weekend off, and both ages get homework which needs to be done in order to maintain and improve grades. Having an older Sim help the younger Sim with homework will let them complete the task faster in future, and they will gain the memory of learning to study.

Normally, a Sim's grade will increase from C to C+ on the first day of school, but it may increase to B+ if the Sim's first school day is not also his or her first day as a child. This may also happen if the child goes to school in a very good mood and with high aspiration. If both of these things happen, grades may jump all the way to A+, though this is uncommon. After the first day, Sims will gain a full letter grade if they go to school with all homework done, and in a good mood.

Sims go to school on the school bus. If teen or child Sims miss the bus, they will be penalized for missing a school day. If a car or helicopter[TS2:AL] is available, older Sims can take children and teens to school, and teens can go on their own. Apartment Life also gave child and teen Sims the ability to walk to school, even if a vehicle is not available. Sims who are walking, driving, or being driven to school must leave the lot less than one hour after school begins, otherwise they will be considered late.

Sims with higher grades may, as in The Sims, be in line for cash rewards from their relatives, as well as several other perks, since success in school fulfills high-value wants for themselves and their parents/grandparents. With The Sims 2: University, teen Sims with A or higher report cards can get the SimCity Scholar's Grant, a §1000 college scholarship.

Private School Uniforms

Uniforms worn by Sims who attend Private School

Sims can also be enrolled in private school by inviting the headmaster and suitably impressing him with good food, a guided tour and the right social interactions. The hours are the same, but needs are put under less strain and all students change into a default school uniform before leaving for school. Public school and private school share the same school bus.[1]

Random rewards can be dealt out around 30 game minutes before the end of a Sim's school day. They are worth bonus skill points for Sims at private school, or up to §250 cash at public school. If FreeTime is installed, children and teens may receive hobby chance cards at this time.

Children whose grades linger at F for several days may be taken away by the social worker and won't return to that particular family, but may be adopted by another one. Teens will not be taken away for an F grade, but if they have a job they will be fired regardless of their job performance and the number of days they have missed. They will also not be able to attend College until their grades improve.

If a child is adopted on a school day, he or she will get a free day off, and will not be penalized for missing school. This is because adopted children arrive at 10 AM, after the school bus has already left. However, if the child walks to school[TS2:AL] or is taken to school, he or she will be counted as having been late. Likewise, if a toddler becomes a child after 8 AM on a school day, he or she will get a free day off.

If Seasons is installed, children and teens may get a "snow day" if there is heavy snow on the ground in the morning. The school bus will not come on a snow day. If a car or helicopter is available, the "go to school" menu options will still be available, but students will not be penalized for not going to school.

It's actually possible for teens to get a minor fear of going to school. This usually happens when a teen has to watch over a baby or toddler when there's no adult on the lot. If the fear comes, then don't worry too much, because it's only worth -500 aspiration points.

The Sims 3Edit

Children and Teens go to school at either Community School for the Gifted in Sunset Valley, Truelong Community School in Riverview, Stary Community School in Twinbrook, Public School 67 in Bridgeport, Crestview School and Stadium in Appaloosa Plains, Everglow Academy and Coliseum in Moonlight Falls, Gooder Public School in Starlight Shores, or Par Excellence Preparatory School from The Sims 3: Town Life Stuff. It is also the place where Adult Sims can attend Painting class, get an Education career track [TS3:A] or enroll in university.[TS3:UL]

Sims can now get detention at school. If they are caught sleeping in class, copying homework (tasks the player can assign kids while they're at school) or busted when pranking the school (outside school hours), they will be kept after school for a few hours, which can interfere with any part-time job. This can be a problem if the Sim has the Workaholic trait. The Sims are less likely to get detention if their grades are higher than a "B". While staying late, the student can choose their tone but they will not see any improvement in grades or performance, however, if a Sim is absolutely miserable, their grade might decrease anyway. When detention is over, students will have to find their way home.

Kids may still bring home friends after school. They can also be invited over to another student's house to play. Students who go to each other's houses will live within a reasonable distance from each other. The closer the other student, the more likely the invitation is. Kids also bring home homework every school day; failure to complete homework will result in them being penalized, and they may receive detention.

Both teens and children can work hard, meet friends and do other interactions. If the child or teen does not have a high performance at school then the player will not be able to choose what their next trait is when they grow up. For the Sim to have good grades, they need to be at school on time every day, otherwise they will get bad grades and will not grow up well.

Children attend Elementary School from 9:00am to 3:00pm, while teenagers attend High School from 9:00am to 2:00pm, the extra hour exists to benefit teens who have part-time jobs. The Elementary and High School share the same building. Unlike preceding The Sims series, children are not taken away for getting an F.

If the school has been deleted then children and teens will stop going to school. This is the only way to not go to school, and is only possible in Windows and Mac OS X as consoles do not have the ability. Also, if the player is controlling one ghost teen or child, they might not be signed up for a school. However, if the school is deleted then children and teens appear to be forced age up badly because they haven't been to school, but if an adult with a high enough Logic skill tutors them, their grade can go up, and allow them to age up well without having to go to school.

In The Sims 3: Generations, children and teens can be sent to a boarding school and take a class after school.



This section describes features that are only available in The Sims 3.

Received: School
Goal: Bring a fish to the Science lab
Reward: Performance Boost
Location: Science lab
Text: The Science Facility has partnered with the school to conduct a fishing project. However, they are running low on the fish for the experiment. You've been asked to bring a fish to Science Facility before the experiment begins. Your school performance will increase as a reward.
Received: School
Goal: Visit City Hall to complete the opportunity
Reward: Performance Boost
Location: City Hall
Text: Your teacher needs you to drop off a massive stack of permission slips at City Hall. This needs to happen quickly, so ride over to City Hall and leave them with the paper pushers. Your school performance will improve as a result of your kind assistance.
Received: School
Goal: Go to Work at Doo Peas Corporate Tower
Reward: Performance Boost, 500 Simoleons
Location: Doo Peas Corporate Tower
Received: School
Goal: Gain a Writing skill point
Reward: Performance Boost
Location: N/A
Received: School
Goal: Gain a Painting skill point
Reward: Performance Boost
Location: N/A
Received: School
Goal: Gain a Charisma skill point
Reward: Performance Boost
Location: N/A
Text: The Young Politicians Club wants you to join, but first you must improve your Charisma skill. Take a Charisma skill class or use an appropriate object, then return to school with your new knowledge. Your school performance will increase.
Received: School
Goal: Maintain good grades to get on the honor roll and earn a cash reward.
Reward: Money
Location: School
Text: The Mayor's office is promoting a new initiative to improve the grades and school performance to appeal to families thinking about moving to town. The mayor guarantees a cash reward to every student that makes it onto the honor roll. That reward can be yours if you can maintain good grades!
Outside Reading
Received: School
Goal: Read "Demand Exellence or You'll Get Mediocrity"
Reward: Performance Boost
Location: N/A
Text: Your teacher wants you to read "Demand Excellence or You'll Get Mediocrity", a book that should prepare you for your post-school career. Your school performance will improve after reading the book.
The Research Project
Received: School
Goal: Research Science Lab
Reward: Performance Boost
Location: Science Lab
Text: You have been given an assignment to research the local Science Facility. The folks in charge of the lab have generously offered to help you with your research if you stop by to get a tour of the facility in time. Go to the Science Facility to gather research to improve your school performance.
Clean the Bug Cage
Received: School
Goal: Clean the Bug Cage
Reward: Performance Boost
Location: School
The French Project[TS3:WA]
Recieved: School
Goal: Interview French local
Reward: Performance Boost
Location: France



  • In The Sims 2: Seasons and The Sims 3: Seasons, children and teens do not get summer holiday, but they will get a snow day when it snows heavily.
  • The names called during the graduation ceremony at city hall often sound like common names with the first letters of the first and last names switched, i.e. Geronica Vonzalez, Rant Grodiek.
  • The Gooder Public School in Starlight Shores is probably named after the Gooder family, a wealthy family from the same town. It's a little odd, considering it's a public school, and the family backstory doesn't seem to be associated with school nor education.
  • In The Sims 2 there is a glitch where using the aging on/off cheat may prevent Sims from getting a higher grade than C+.


  1. Child and teen Sims living in apartments will take the same buses, no matter what kind of schools they attend.

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