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A Sim being attacked by a shark

W watch a shark
A shark is an aquatic animal that appears in The Sims 3: Island Paradise. Sims may encounter sharks while they are diving in a dive spot. Unlike the Kraken, sharks will only appear in Isla Paradiso unless the player places a shark spawner in another world. Sharks may attack Sims and kill them. Sims can avoid a shark attack by hiding in an underwater cave, or if they win a fight against a shark, the shark will leave. There are 4 types of shark in the game, which include the Blacktip Reef Shark, Tiger Shark, Lemon Shark, and Great White Shark. Sims that have been killed by sharks have a purple ghost. Mermaids can summon sharks if they have the Evil trait. Sims that win against a shark attack will receive a shark tooth.

Before a Sim goes diving, it's recommended to remove all the meat from the Sim's Inventory to reduce the chances of an attack.


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