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Not to be confused with Snowman kit.

A snowman is a buildable object Sims can create in Winter if the snow cover is deep enough in The Sims 2: Seasons, The Sims 3: Seasons and The Sims 4: Seasons.

The Sims 2: SeasonsEdit

In The Sims 2: Seasons, Sims are able to make snowmen if deep snow is on the ground, and they may do so autonomously. Other Sims can join the activity. Making a snowman can be interrupted, though the Sim will not stop immediately. Sims can resume making a partly finished snowman, as long as deep snow is still on the ground.

Snowmen reflect the personality of the Sim that creates them, but not extensively, as they can only be good or evil. Sims have limited interaction with completed snowmen, but penguins occasionally appear on the lot and speak to the snowmen. Snowmen will begin to melt if the outdoor temperature gets warm enough or there is no snow left on the ground. Sims can "Knock over" snowmen, which may cause distress to other Sims in the area.

The Sims 3: SeasonsEdit

Sims can build snowmen when the snow is deep enough in Winter. Sims can build alone or together with another Sim. There are 6 types of snowmen that Sims can discover. Once the Sim discovers a type, players can order the Sim to build a snowman they've already learned or a random snowman. There's a 50% chance that Sims will discover a new type of snowman.

Picture Name Requirements for increased chance to discover a type
Snowman Classic
Classic All Sims
Snowman Evil
Evil Daredevil, Evil, Mean Spirited, Hot-Headed, or Pyromaniac
Snowman Clown
Tragic Clown Grumpy, Hates the Outdoors, or Sims with -40 mood or lower
Snowman Hockey
Hockey Athletic, Loves the Outdoors, or having an ice skating rink on the lot
Snowman Reaper
Grim Reaper Unlucky, Evil, having a gravestone on the lot / inventory, working as a Mausoleum Clerk, or elder Sims
Snowman Alien
Alien Insane, Computer Whiz, or Aliens

Snowmen will melt over time, after the temperature is warm enough. Sims can destroy a snowman, but if the Sim destroys another Sim's snowman, there's a chance the Sims will start a fight. Sims can autonomously build snowman, but will not build another if there are 4 snowmen already on a lot.

The Sims 4: SeasonsEdit


A "Gloman" with and without snow on top.[1]

Snowmen, here they're called snowpal, return in The Sims 4: Seasons. As in previous games snowpals can only be made in the snow, but in The Sims 4 it does not matter how deep the snow is, since there is only one type of snow depth.
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