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Skill TS4 Social

Social is a skill category in The Sims 4. It has a special skill for children, and an aspiration dedicated to it. Social skills are augmented by being confident. Such skills are: Charisma, Comedy, and Mischief. The child skill can be gained by playing with various toys, chatting and watching at a computer, and social interactions.


Learning to talk is the first step in every child's journey to becoming a social creature. For those children who decide to focus on Social Skill, friendships are sure to come easier to them throughout life.

Skill MilestonesEdit

Level Ability Notes
1 Use Press to Talk on Talking Toys
2 Watch on a Computer
3 ---

Get better moodlets from Watch


Get better moodlets from Play with Teddy Bear


Talk with Giant Stuffed Animal will now reduce Sadness

Research Idioms at a Computer

7  Talk about School Social Interaction
8 ---


Giant Stuffed Animal will now reduce Embarrassment, Stress, and Discomfort
10 Learn Charisma and Mischief skills.

Aspiration MilestonesEdit

Aspiration TS4 Social Butterfly
Level Name Goals
1 Chatterbox
  • Make a Friend
  • Meet 5 New Sims
2 Agile Developer
  • Achieve Lv5 Social Skill
  • Make a BFF
3 Social Butterfly
  • Become Friends with 3 other Children
  • Become Friends with 2 Adults
  • Achieve Lvl 10 Social Skill

The reward trait, Socially Gifted, makes the Sim level up the aforementioned skills faster.