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Social events are special events that the player's Sims can host in The Sims 4.

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List of social eventsEdit

Name Main Goal Additional Goals Requires Bronze Medal Reward Silver Medal Reward Gold Medal Reward EP
Dinner Party Call Guests to Meal Have Sims Dance at the Same Time (0/3), Thank a Guest for Coming (0/1), Make Drinks (0/3), Tell Jokes (0/2), Have Sims Become Playful at the Same Time (0/3), Have Sims Eating at the Same Time (0/3) &BG
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House Party Hosts Socialize with Guests Eat Food (0/4), Tell Jokes (0/2), Have Sims Listen to Music at the Same Time (0/3), Have Sims Kiss (0/3), Eat Cake (0/4), Flirt (0/5), Have Drinks (0/3), Have Sims Playing Games at the Same Time,Have Sims Become Happy/Playful at the Same Time (0/3) &BG
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Birthday Party Blow out the candles on the Birthday cake - Birthday Cake &BG
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Wedding Get Married Have Drinks (0/3), Have Guests Watch the Ceremony (0/1), Talk to Guests for 2 Hours (0/2), Take First Slice (0/1), Have the Betrothed Kiss (0/1), Eat Food (0/4), Betrothed Flirt With Each Other (0/3), Thank a Guest for Coming (0/1) Wedding Arch &BG
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Black and White Bash Discuss Black & White Things with Guests (0/10) Sims Listen to the Piano at the Same Time (0/3), Craft Zebra Fizz (0/2), Make Shrimp Cocktail (0/1), Craft a Drink of Excellent Quality (0/1), Make an Excellent Quality Black and White Food (0/1) &BG
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Weenie Roast Roast Hot Dogs on the Campfire (0/3) Tell a Group Story to Guests (0/1), Cook a Meal on the Grill (0/1), Add Logs to the Campfire (0/3), Have Drinks from the Cooler (0/3), Play Violin Around the Campfire (0/1), Enthuse About Wildlife Encounter (0/2), Discuss Adding Another Log (0/2), Hang Out at the Campfire for 3 Hours (0/3), Play with the Campfire (0/1), Have Four Sims Playing Card Games (0/4) Campfire &GP01
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Spooky Party &SP04
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Dance Party

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