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Spa is featured in The Sims 3 and The Sims 4: Spa Day.

The Sims 3Edit

A spa is a community rabbit hole object found in The Sims 3.

The spa is the place for buying spa treatments, and also for getting a part-time job as either a Spa Receptionist or Spa Specialist. The main purpose of the spa is to relax Sims who are stressed, usually because of hard work at their jobs. It can grant a variety of moodlets. Spas will increase the mood of Sims by satisfying a variety of needs such as fun, hygiene, comfort and energy.

This is one of the properties Sims can partner with and own in The Sims 3.

After the release of The Sims 3: Ambitions, Sims can get tattoos at the spa for §300.

Music from The Sims Buy/Build Mode can be heard while Sims visit the Spa.



The Sims 4Edit

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Spa is a lot assignment in The Sims 4: Spa Day. Sims can visit the Perfect Balance Spa for a revitalizing massage, or work on the Wellness skill with some yoga. After a relaxing mud bath, step into the sauna to melt away the daily stresses.

Spa Venue Checklist: One spa must reach item requirement to be usable.


Aham Ashram Yoga Studio
Aham Ashram Yoga Studio (Spa, 30×20, 2 Bath) – Realign your Sims’ Charkras in this state of the art Yoga Studio. Have your Sims take a class or make their own practice and fill your Sims’ senses and renew their minds and bodies with the enlightening ambiance of this studio.
Center of Center Massage

Center of Center Massage (Spa, 30×20, 2 Bath) – Need a place to relax? Need to escape the woes of a stressful life? Say no more! The Center of Center Massage will take care of your worries and make them fade away like a distant memory. Restore, meditate, become enlightened and renewed or simply visit to stare at the magnificent water wall present in the establishment.

Perfect Balace Spa

Perfect Balance Spa (Spa, 30×20, 2 Bath) – This two-story spa is the ultimate pit stop for the soul! It features relaxing fountains, a meditation room, full-service locker rooms, self-serve wellness bar, massage tables, hand and foot massage chairs, gym room, and a Yoga studio! The Perfect Balance Spa has it all, nestled within soothing wood and stone decor.


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