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A spa bath is an activity in The Sims: Superstar and The Sims 4: Spa Day.

The Sims: SuperstarEdit

Ponce de Leon Tub
Ts1 ponce de leon tub
Recapture the energy of youth by enjoying an invigorating bath with the Ponce de Leon tub. Once the myth of world explorers everywhere, this modern day fountain of youth offers several types of baths; included are milk, mud, and mineral solutions. Rinsing off is a cinch by using the complimentary Sonic Cleaner Wand.
Game The Sims: Superstar
Buyable Buy mode
Price §4,447
Type Comfort, Fun
Size 1x2

Spa baths are done in the Ponce de Leon Tub, which can be placed on both residential and community lots. Baths are free on residential lots, while a §100 fee is charged when used on a community lot. Sims can choose from a Mud Bath, a Milk Bath, or a Sulfur Bath. Sims will change into their swimsuits before entering, although very outgoing Sims will get in naked. Whilst in the tub, Sims will flex and relax as their comfort motives increase. If there are other Sims using spa objects in the same room, they will start a conversation. When a Sim is finished, they will scrub themselves before exiting and draining the tub.

The Sims 4: Spa DayEdit

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