Space rock is a type of collectible in The Sims 4. Travelling into space using the Rocketship or Portal increases the chance of collecting a space rock.


Image Name Rarity Worth Description
Common Space Rock Common §95 This adorable little space rock often thrives best luxuriating in the light of a distant star. Or desk lamp.
Uncommon Space Rock Uncommon §145 The uncommon space rock. Often quiet, always misunderstood.
Large Space Rock Uncommon §200 This larger than average space rock is prized for its stoic beauty in the face of calamity.
Unnaturally Large Space Rock
Unnaturally Large Space Rock Rare §275 This is an unnaturally large space rock. It is large enough to be an island. It can feel no pain. And it will never cry.

Completing the Space Rock Collection awards an Orchid Plant, which will come through the mail.