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Spectrum Mood Lamp
Understand, this is not some gimmicky lamp that will try to predict your mood. No no no. This is a magical lamp that causes people's moods to... shift in certain ways. A full spectrum of colors, a full spectrum of possibilities. Let the mood strike you with the Spectrum Mood Lamp.
Game The Sims 3: Supernatural
Buyable Buy mode
Price §325
Type Mood
Size 1x1 counter/surface
SpectrumMoodLamp ts3icon
The Spectrum Mood Lamp is a special lamp which is introduced in The Sims 3: Supernatural. It can be found on Parties under Entertainment or Table Lamps under Lighting, both categories in Buy mode.

Not only the lamp lights up in six different colors, it can change the moods of nearby Sims. Each different color gives out each moodlet and out of the six moodlets, one of them is negative, which is the "Feeling Blue" moodlet.

The lamp can also attract zombies. This can distract them from eating plants in a lot. A fairy can shrink into their natural form and play around inside the lamp, but there is a chance they may get electrocuted, get singed, or death by electrocution.

There have been reports[1] that the moodlets caused by the lamp tend to get stuck when Sims leave the room with the lamp, or even after the lamp has been sold. The simple workaround is to buy the lamp and turn it off manually or removing the moodlet by using testingcheatsenabled true, pressing the CTRL button and clicking it.

Mood EffectsEdit

Image Name Description Effect Notes
Feelingbluemoodlet Feeling Blue [Sim's name] feels as blue as the deep blue, empty, meaningless sea.
(From Mood Lamp)
-5 The lamp will sometimes release a puddle of water.
Feelinggreenmoodlet Feeling Green Who says it's not easy being green?
(From Mood Lamp)
+5 If you are not a Supernatural, there is a rare chance of becoming Toadified.
Feelingpinkmoodlet Feeling Pink What's that soft, pink light? And is it just [Sim's name], or did things just get a little more "rrawr" in here?
(From Mood Lamp)
+5 Sims are more likely to autonomously flirt and be romantic with their partner.
Feelingpurplemoodlet Feeling Purple Somewhere between joy and sadness, above healthy but around the corner from queasy, there is a place where one just feels kinda purple. [Sim's name] feels purple.
(From Mood Lamp)
+5 In the presence of the purple light, all of a Sim's negative moodlets will be removed.
Feelingredmoodlet Feeling Red [Sim's name] is feeling red... and it ain't no sunburn!
(From Mood Lamp)
Feelingyellowmoodlet Feeling Yellow It's hard to say exactly why, but right now everything seems to tickle the funny bone. It's time to get silly!
(From Mood Lamp)


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