The onomatology (meaning study of the origin of names) of the Sim characters are sometimes hilarious, but always interesting. Many of the names had been intentionally chosen for etymology reasons. Simmers have found out many of the meanings, although a large-enough portion do not mean as much as the onomatology of others. Some of the names came as a shock, other names didn't seem to have an onomatological relation. Not all of the names were intended for the definitions researched, but it is still interesting (and sometimes coincidental) to see what the name meanings are. This onomatology is only for the residents of Strangetown.

The Specter FamilyEdit

  • Specter: "Specter means ghost, or something that haunts the mind"
  • Olive Specter: As in olive tree.
  • Ichabod Specter (Olive's late husband): Hebrew for 'without honor'. Could refer to the character Ichabod of Sleepy Hollow.
  • Rigger Mortis (Olive's first husband): 'Rigger' means to rig or dresses, while 'Mortis' refers to the French word 'mort', which means death. Rigor Mortis is a state in which a corpse's limbs become stiff and difficult to move.
  • Hugh Thanasia (Olive's second husband): From the word 'Euthanasia', means literally "good death" in Ancient Greek. Refers to the practice of ending a life in a painless manner.
  • Lou Thanasia :(Hugh's brother): A shortening of the given name Louis. Louis means "Famed Warrior."
  • Earl E. DeMise: (Olive's fiancee): Means "Early Demise", early death.
  • Tim Lee DeMise (Earl's brother): Perhaps could refer to "Timely Demise".
  • It is a coincidence that all of their names refers to death, because they are all dead, and it is possible that Olive murdered them all (And she did once woohoo with the Grim Reaper)

For Olive Specter's biological son, please look under the Beaker category.

  • Nigmos -- possibly a reference to the Latin word "negro" which means "black" for Ophelia's skin tone
  • Ophelia Nigmos (Olive's niece): In Ancient Greek, it could mean help. Ophelia is also the doomed love interest of Shakespeare's "Hamlet".
  • Willow Nigmos (Ophelia's mother, Olive's sister): Refers to the Willow Tree.
  • Creon Nigmos (Ophelia's father): In Greek, means 'ruler'. In Greek mythology, Creon was the king of Thebes; he features as a character in numerous myths and their dramatic adaptations, including Euripides's "Medea" and Sophocles's "Oedipus Rex".
  • Hecate Nigmos (Ophelia's paternal grandmother): Greek for far-shooting. Refers to the goddess of witches (However Circe, who is also a Greek Goddess, is also accredited this ruling). Could also refer to the Queen of the Witches in Shakespeare's "Macbeth".
  • Zog Nigmos (Ophelia's paternal grandfather): In Dutch, zog comes from "kielzog" which means wake, the white turbulent water behind a boat.
  • Muenda -- Could refer to Munda, which is a place in the Solomon Islands. Could also be a bastardization of "muerta", the Spanish for "died", appropriate to the theme of death in the surnames of Olive's relatives.
  • Lerato Muenda (Ophelia's maternal grandmother): Means love in Sesotho
  • Peponi Muenda (Ophelia's maternal grandfather): Means melon.

The Beaker FamilyEdit

  • Beaker : Refers to a glass object used for measuring and holding fluids in a laboratory setting (after all, they are mad scientists).
  • Loki Beaker (Nervous' adoptive father): The god of mischief and trickery in Old Norse (Viking) mythology; growing progressively evil, he kills Balder, and is bound until Ragnarok, the end of the world.
  • Circe Beaker (Nervous' adoptive mother): In Greek mythology, Circe is a Queen goddess (or sometimes a nymph, Witch Goddess, enchantress or sorceress) living on the island of Aeaea. In "The Odyssey," Circe turned Odysseus' men into swine.
  • Nervous Subject (Olive's son, Loki and Circe's adoptive son): Speaks for itself.

For Nervous Subject's biological mother, please look under the Specter category.

  • Bjorn Beaker (Loki's father): Swedish for Bear.
  • Gundrun Beaker (Loki's mother): Gundrun was a Norse Mythology character.
  • Canute Beaker (Loki's paternal grandfather): It is derived from the Old Norse Knútr meaning "knot".
  • Gertrude Beaker (Loki's paternal grandmother): German for strength.

For Loki's sister Erin, please look under the Singles category.

  • Halfdanarson -- A Norse last name, meaning unknown. Possibly from Eystein Halfdansson, a king in an Old Norse King's Saga.
  • Leif Halfdanarson (Loki's maternal grandfather): Meaning 'heir' or 'descendant'.
  • Ingibjorg Halfdanarson (Loki's maternal grandmother): An Old Norse given name, means God's Salvation.
  • The only thing I'd like to point out is the old Norse and Scandinavian mythology names.
  • Salamis -- Salamis was a name of a nymph in Greek mythology.
  • Xanthos Salamis (Circe's father): Xanthos was the name of a city in ancient Lycia, the site of present-day Kınık, Turkey, and of the river on which the city is situated. In early sources, "Xanthos" is used synonymously for Lycia as a whole, "Xanthos" Greek name meaning Yellow.
  • Grainne Salamis (Circe mother): Means grain.
  • Andros Salamis (Circe's paternal grandfather): An island of the Cyclades, Greece.
  • Eurydice Salamis (Circe's paternal grandmother): In Greek mythology, Eurydice was an oak nymph or a sweet maiden.
  • McGork -- Meaning unknown. Possibly derived from the McGurk-effect.
  • Gwrtheyrn McGork (Circe's maternal grandfather): Was a 5 Century warlord in Britain.
  • Moira McGork (Circe's maternal grandmother): Greek for fate.
  • In Circe's family, the names are Greek, Irish, and Welsh, and in Loki's family, the names are all Old Norse.

The Curious FamilyEdit

  • Curious -- As in curious.
  • Pascal Curious : Hebrew for "associated with Easter (or Passover)". also possibly a reference to the famous French mathmetician Blaise Pascal
  • Vidcund Curious (Pascal's younger brother) : Unknown, possibly a corruption of "Vidkun" a Norwegian name.
  • Lazlo Curious (Pascal's youngest brother) : Means rules with glory. Also spelled Laszlo or Laslo.

For the oldest sister of the Curious brothers, please look under the Smith category. For the children of Glarn Curious and Pollination Technician #9, please look under the Singles category.

  • Glarn Curious (Pascal's father): So the name sounds like darn curious.
  • Kitty Curious (Pascal's mother): Her name might be a play on the saying, "Curiosity killed the cat."

For Glarn's abductor, please look under the Smith category.

  • Notzo Curious (Pascal's paternal grandfather): So the name sounds like "not so curious" or "is not Zo" as in he is not his wife
  • Zo Curious (Pascal's paternal grandmother): So the name sounds like "so curious".
  • Hogleg -- means leg of a hog.
  • Hamm Hogleg (Pascal's maternal grandfather): Ham, meat of pig.
  • Annie Hogleg (Pascal's maternal grandmother): Means 'gracious', or so the name sounds like 'any hogleg'.

The Grunt FamilyEdit

  • Grunt -- Means to grunt. "Grunt" is also slang for "infantry".
  • General Buzz Grunt : his proper name could be Edwin, after Edwin ‘Buzz’ Aldrin (1930- ). Edwin means rich, blessed friend. The name Buzz also might have something to do with the "buzz cut" haircuts worn by some military personnel.
  • Lyla Grunt (Gen. Buzz's ex-wife) : Persian for "dark princess'", Hebrew for night.
  • Tank Grunt (Gen. Buzz's oldest son): Probably a reference to his father being in the Army. Can refer to tanks, the weapons vehicles often in the army.
  • Ripp Grunt (Gen. Buzz's middle son): To rip or to tear. Possibly short for Tripp, means travel.
  • Buck Grunt (Gen. Buzz's youngest son): A young buck; an adventurous, impetuous, dashing, or high-spirited young man. Or refers to the male deer.
  • General Chip Grunt (Gen. Buzz's father): His given name is a short form of Charles, which fittingly means "warrior."
  • Missy Grunt (Gen. Buzz's mother): Short form of Melissa, which means "bee."
  • General Rock Grunt (Gen. Buzz's paternal grandfather) : Rock, as in hard as rock, because he is in the army.
  • Wanda Grunt (Gen. Buzz's paternal grandmother) : From Polish, possibly derived from an ethnic term for " a Wend",a member of a Slavic people from the borders of Germany and Poland; a Sorb; a Kashub.
  • Mike Steel (Gen. Buzz's maternal grandfather): Mike is short for Michael, means "who is like god", and steel as in steel,a metal alloy of mostly iron plus carbon, harder than pure iron but malleable when hot.
  • Mary Melons (Gen. Buzz's maternal grandmother): Mary means "to be bitter", while Melons as in melon, a type of fruit. Also possibly a reference to a slang term for breasts
  • The reason why Mary does not have the same last name as Mike is that Missy was an illegitimate child. She was born outside marriage.

The Smith FamilyEdit

  • Smith -- An English surname derived from the trade name smith. Also, the surname Smith is a common name for "normal" and "average" families, and the Smith family is the, or at least one of, the most normal families in Strangetown.
  • Pollination Technician #9:
  • Technician -- Someone whose occupation involves training in specific technical process. In the Sims; the Pollination Technician is an alien that operates a UFO and abducts Sims. Somehow (using advanced technology?) these Technicians can make male Sims pregnant with an alien-like form.
  • Pollination -- The process of which flowers reproduce.

This was only added to show the etymology of the Pollination Technician name. Other alien names we know of (Colony Drone and Birth Queen) seem to all have to do with reproduction. It is assumed that aliens in the Sims live only for the purpose of reproducing, although it cannot be determined exactly.

  • Jenny Smith : Short for Jennifer, means "white" or "smooth."
  • Johnny Smith : A diminutive of John, meaning God has favoured/God is merciful.
  • Jill Smith : Short for Gillian, which is the English form of Julia, which is the feminine version of Julian which means downy beard.

For Jenny's side family, please look under the Curious category.

The name "Smith" happens to be the commonest name in the United States. This is quite ironic, seeing is the Smiths are anything but "common". It is rather likely that Pollination Technician #9 chose this name with such in mind, as he might have wanted to seem normal in some ways despite being an alien.

The Singles FamilyEdit

  • Singles -- Because they are all Singles.
  • Erin Singles : From Eireann, meaning "child of Ireland"
  • Lola Singles : Diminutive of Dolores, meaning grief.
  • Chloe Singles : Greek, green shoot.
  • Kristen Singles : from Christina/Christian meaning a Christian.
  • Loste -- Lost
  • Arty Loste (Kristen's father) : A diminutive of Arthur, meaning bear. Could mean "already lost".
  • Daisy Loste (Kristen's mother): Means 'day's eye'. Could mean "days he lost".
  • Goshem Loste (Kristen's paternal grandfather): As in " Gosh I'm Lost", considering he got abducted by aliens.
  • Vera Loste (Kristen's paternal grandmother): Borrowed in the nineteenth century from the Russian virtue name Вера, means 'faith'. Or could mean Very lost
  • Simnitch -- 'Nitch' a common misspelling for 'niche', means 'nest'. So perhaps the name means 'A Sim's Nest'.
  • Leonard Simnitch (Kristen's maternal grandfather): From Germanic leon, lion + hard, hardy.
  • Petunia Simnitch (Kristen's maternal grandmother): A flower.

The Loner FamilyEdit

  • Loner -- Because he is on his own at the beginning of the game.
  • Ajay Loner : Indian, unconquerable/invincible.
  • Vikram Loner (Ajay's father) : Vikram may mean brave or victorious in Sanskrit.
  • Madhuri Loner (Ajay's mother) : Sanskrit for "sweetness."
  • Kavi Loner (Ajay's paternal grandfather): Kavi (from a root kū "to cry out") is a Sanskrit term for thinker, intelligent man, man of understanding or a leader.
  • Jeevika Loner (Ajay's paternal grandmother): Unknown
  • Frehndly -- friendly
  • Bhu Frehndly (Ajay's maternal grandfather) : the act of becoming or arising, the place of being, space, world or universe or the earth.
  • Milony Frehndly (Ajay's maternal grandmother) : Form of Melany/Melanie meaning Black, Could also mean Melon.