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Strong Constitution
Strong Constitution is a Legendary Trait featured in The Sims Medieval. If acquired, this trait will replace a Fatal Flaw and will protect the Sim against most diseases, decrease the rate at which stamina depletes during duels, and will prevent the adverse effects of drinking or eating too much.

Sims with a Strong Constitution have bodies that can withstand anything life throws at them! Their overpowered immune systems and cast-iron stomachs can easily shrug off sickness, hangovers and food poisoning.

Abilities Edit

A Sim with this trait:

  • Is impervious to all sub-plague level illnesses
  • Never suffers any adverse effects from drinking or eating
  • Drains Stamina at a lower rate while sword-fighting.

Notes Edit

Because Knights, Monarchs and Spies are the only ones who can sword-fight, they are the heroes that can get the most out of this trait.

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