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In the U.S., the phrase "student union" often refers to a "student activity center" (also known as a "student center" or "student commons"), a building with dining halls, game rooms, lounges, student offices, and other spaces for student activities.[1]

A student union is a type of community lot for college neighborhoods.

The Sims 2: UniversityEdit

Sim State UniversityEdit

Student Union
Student Union
Type: Community
Value: §155,789
Size: 60x50
Number of floors: 1
Neighborhood: Sim State University

The student union at Sim State University is simply called the Student Union. It is a large single-story building laid out around an open central courtyard. The courtyard has a large fountain in the center, and some outdoor seating around the fountain. Seen from the street, each side of the building has an upside-down-L shaped room that takes up most of that side, and a small part of the rear. The one on the right-hand side is the food service area. The rear part of the left-hand room has couple of pool tables, while the part on the left side of the building appears to be an art gallery. On the right-hand corner of the front area, there are restrooms and a small room with two Sellafone Gadget Kiosks. This room has its own door to the outside. Most of the front is a study/lounge area with bookshelves, computers, desks, and some sofas.

La Fiesta TechEdit

LFT Student Union
La Fiesta Tech
Type: Community
Value: §157,384
Size: 50x60
Number of floors: 2

The student union at La Fiesta Tech is called the LFT Student Union. It is an oddly-shaped building; when viewed from the street, it appears to be a square with its upper left and lower right corners cut off.

It is a two-story building. Taking the main entrance as the front, the left side of the first floor has a study/lounge area with computers and bookcases, then a small area with a couple of pinball machines and arcade games, and a sofa. The right side has the food service area, then a small TV area and a chess table. In the rear, there are doors which open onto a small patio with a barbecue grill. In the front part of the central area, there are a couple of Sellafone Gadget Kiosks and a couple of pool tables. The stairs to the second floor are toward the rear.

Again taking the main entrance's side as the front, the left side of the second floor has the restrooms and a study/lounge area. The right side has a shop which sells magazines and computer games, and an espresso bar.

What appears to be a small third story sits on the roof, but it has no floor and no stairs lead to it.

Académie Le TourEdit

Le Tour Student Center
Le Tour Student Center
Type: Community
Value: §201,447
Size: 60x50
Number of floors: 2
Neighborhood: Académie Le Tour

The student union at Académie Le Tour is called the Le Tour Student Center. Most of the lot is taken up by a large, open-air plaza that is centered on a large circular fountain. This plaza contains the food service area and an espresso bar, as well as several tables.

The building is laid out in an "L" shape along two sides of the plaza. It is at a corner, and each side has a first-floor entrance, as well as doors which lead to the plaza. On the first floor, the side with the main entrance (the one by the public telephone) has bathrooms to the right of the entrance. Going to the left, there is a small room with a dartboard, a small stereo, and a fireplace. To the left of that, there is a study room. Continuing into the other wing of the building, there are the stairs to the second floor, and two Sellafone Gadget Kiosks.

On the second floor, the wing with the stairs mostly contains individual study rooms, though there is also a small lounging space. The other wing contains pool and chess tables.

The Sims 3: University LifeEdit

Conners Student Union Building
Conners Student Union Building
Type: Community
Value: §131,612
Size: 50x30
Number of floors: 2
Neighborhood: Sims University

The student union for Sims University is the Conners Student Union Building, which is the main activities building on campus. It contains a science research lab, a computer room, and a lecture room on the first floor. The second floor has numerous arcade games, pool tables, an easel, vending machines, a photo booth, and a small cafeteria with a barista. The bathrooms are also on this floor.

When a Sim attends Sim University, there is a local meet-up at the Union Building at 10 am. Here they can greet other Sims, grab some free gifts, buy something from the vending machines, and meet their professor for the term. Once a week, Sims are scheduled for a lecture which takes place at the Union. During the lecture, the Sim can take notes, ask a question, speak in front of the room, or sleep. The professor will yell at the Sim if they choose to sleep.

There is a known issue with routing problems on the lot. The gameplay orders NPC students to gather in the lecture room at the beginning of the lecture and to leave the room immediately after the lecture is over. This causes crowds, traffic jams and routing lags at the doors of the lecture room, and especially at the doors of the building itself. It would be a wise choice to send playable Sims to the lecture early. Also, the player can choose to cancel the automatically queued action of leaving the room after the lecture, so that the Sim could wait for the routing lag to be over.

The player can also build and create a Student Union in a home world of there choice.