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Studio Town
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Name Studio Town
Game(s) The Sims: Superstar

Studio Town is the sub-neighborhood introduced in The Sims: Superstar. The theme of this neighborhood is of "The Golden Age of Film," in which the neighborhood creates an atmosphere reminiscent to Hollywood during the '40s and '50s.

The neighborhood is the home of the Fame career track, and the player must visit it on a daily basis to improve. Each 2 or 3 lots in Studio Town have a certain theme, and share almost the same objects required to advance in Acting, Fashion or Music.

Sims Edit

Townies Edit

The townies in Studio Town are divided into the Somebodies and the Anybodies, and are randomly generated at the start of each game. The game will constantly replace them, unless a playable Sim knows some of them. The Somebodies are famous, and normally wear high fashion clothing. They provide Sims who are in the Fame career track with famous people to befriend, as Sims in that career track need to have famous friends with strong star power in order to advance. The Anybodies are usually tourists in Studio Town. If the played Sim is famous, they will play the role of fans, asking for autographs, talking about their admiration for him/her, etc. Having good relationships with the Anybodies is the best way to keep the Obsessed Fan away, though the number of friends who are Anybodies is irrelevant to the Fame career track. Neighborhood Sims will not appear in Studio Town unless they are on the Fame career track.

NPCs Edit

  • Lana (studio town production assistant)
  • Paparazzo (paparazzi)
  • Pristine Christine (janitor)
  • Robert O. Direction (movie director)
  • Greta Glarn (movie director)
  • Tim Vista (TV director)
  • Tonya Vigor (TV director)
  • Tina Verve (TV director)
  • Robert Aria (music producer)
  • Tine Trebble (music producer)
  • Holly Hoofer (music video director)
  • Peter Zondro (music video director)
  • Armand Masseur (masseuse)
  • Ita-san (sushi vendor)
  • Sam Smoothie (smoothie vendor)
  • Billy Berry (smoothie vendor)
  • Clerk Katherine (clerk)
  • Clerk Thaddeus (clerk)

Some NPCs in Studio Town are based on celebrities in real life:


There are a total of 9 lots in Studio Town. This is a list of the default lots:

  • 81 Sunrise Boulevard, KWLW Studios
There are not very many things for celebrities to do here. The only thing they can do to improve their fame is with the Television Hospital Set. Sims can also buy movie posters.
  • 82 Sunrise Boulevard, Fairchild Film Studios
This is a large lot with many things to do for Sims who want to be actors. There are many things for Sims to do to raise their star level, a stage for beginning celebrities, the Hospital Set for celebrities in the middle and a big, medieval themed movie set for really famous celebrities. Finally, Sims can soak in the Spa.
  • 83 Sunrise Boulevard, Meeker Studios
This is a large lot that is mostly in an outside area. There is a buffet table so Sims can eat and a Skydive Simulator so that Sims can have fun. To raise fame, really famous celebrities can record movies and beginner celebrities can go on the stage. This is the final lot for actors.
  • 84 Studio Town Drive, Midlock Multiplex
This is a lot mainly for musicians who are just beginning or halfway through the fame track. There is a recording studio and a karaoke machine. Aside from items relating to fame, there is a sushi bar, a lounge and even a basketball hoop.
  • 85 Studio Town Drive, Studio Town Center
This lot is a large lot that is more of a hang out spot and a place to fill motives than a place to earn fame. The only item that involves fame is the stage. However, there are many other things for Sims to do such as buying High Fashion, going for a swim, and getting a massage, among many others.
  • 86 Studio Town Drive, Buckingham Galleries
This is a fairly small lot for Sims who want to be Models. Famous Sims with low fame can get a photoshoot while Sims with higher fame can walk the catwalk. Apart from fame related items, there is a sushi bar and a shop that sells High Fashion.
  • 87 Studio Town Drive, Music for the Eyes Inc.
There is not a lot to do on this lot. The only fame related items are 2 music video recording sets that only celebrities with high fame can use. However, Sims can eat at the buffet, play on computers, and listen to music in the lounge.
  • 88 Studio Town Drive, Cameron's Lounge
As the name suggests, this lot is more of a place where Sims can have fun, but it can be a good place for beginning celebrities because there is a karaoke stage and an Open Mic Stage. There are many leisure activities for Sims, such as playing pool and watching TV.
  • 89 Studio Town Drive, The Gast District
This is a large lot aimed at Sims who want to be models. To earn fame, Sims can have a photoshoot or walk the catwalk. There are many other things on this lot such as a smoothie bar, a sushi bar, an Aquatic Playhouse and 3 rooms that sell High Fashion clothes.

Each lot consists of specific items either dealing with acting, singing, or modeling. It is also easy to identify which lots contain these specific items by looking at their exteriors. For example; lots that deal primarily with music have black-bricked exteriors, lots that deal with modeling have white-stone exteriors with blue roofs, and lots dealing with acting have beige stucco exteriors with yellow roofs. The only exception is Studio Town Center, located in the middle of Studio Town, which has a different exterior, and therefore deals with multiple careers (mainly for "beginning" actors and/or singers). Some lots also contain features unrelated to these careers, such as spas, sushi bars, and poster shops.