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Styled Rooms are a feature of build mode in The Sims 4. 'Styled Rooms' lists some pre-made rooms, which are ready for players to place in a house.

Players can choose one of the styled rooms and place it to quickly add a new addition to a house. Every room has different color sets to choose from before placing it. Each room costs a certain amount of Simoleons to be placed.

The Sims 4Edit

The Sims 4: Luxury Party Stuff PackEdit

Lux VIP Room

Lux VIP Room

Price: 8,030
Whimsical Sectional

Whimsical Sectional

Price: 4,943

The Sims 4: Perfect Patio Stuff PackEdit

Backyard Confine

Backyard Confine

Price: 11,799

The Sims 4: Cool Kitchen Stuff PackEdit

The Sims 4: Spooky Stuff Stuff PackEdit

Plentiful Plush Playroom
Plentiful Plush Playroom Price: 5,772
Unliving Room
Unliving Room Price: 11,033

The Sims 4: Movie Hangout Stuff PackEdit

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