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Sugar Maple Coast
The Sims 3 Pets Logo
Name Sugar Maple Coast
Game(s) The Sims 3: Pets (console)

Sugar Maple Coast is a pre-made neighborhood that was shipped with The Sims 3: Pets for console. It was revealed at GamesCom 2011. The town includes the basic lots as well as several new ones.[1]

Sugar Maple Coast features a variety of new map tags, such as a bait shop and a lighthouse. Sugar Maple Coast also has the combined map tags also seen in neighborhoods such as Bridgeport.


Playable FamiliesEdit

Difficulty: 2
Zachariah Dungworth, Eleanor Dungworth
Difficulty: 5
Molly Dalton, Brooke Branson, Brimmy Branson, Brady Branson, Brock Branson
Johnstone Gilman, Vincent Gilman, Eva Gilman, K8 Gilman, Catherine Gilman
Jo Kingsley, Pennington Kingsley, Andrew Kingsley, Carla Kingsley, Andy Kingsley

Non-Playable FamiliesEdit

Fancy Friar, Friendly Friar, Phillip Friar, Lilith Plain, Dirk Harrison
Adriana Angel, Eron Angel, Apocalypse Meow, Christina Hernandez,
Peng Xu, Dai-Xia Xu, Daisy Xu, Xilla Xu
Fryda Wolff, Clothos Wolff, Lachesis Wolff, Atropos Wolff
Marcel Gattus, Austin Gattus
Rebecca Goth, Buttons Goth
Jackson Rattlebag, Buttercup Rattlebag           

Deceased SimsEdit


  • The town used to be named "Gilman Hill" before it was named Sugar Maple Coast.[citation needed]
  • The players can make the non-playable Sims playable by asking them to move in. It's impossible for playable Sims to move into their house, however.



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