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The Sims Vacation

Sunset Beach
The Sims Vacation Sunset Beach Full View
Type: Community
Number of floors: 1
Neighborhood: Vacation Island

A romantic little corner of the island, our beach campground offers everything you need for a little fun in the sun.
Sunset Beach is a beachfront campground lot for Sims who don't want a resort, but don't exactly want to rough it, either. It is from The Sims: Vacation, and is situated at 47 Lagoon Moon Road.

It has three tents, a bathhouse with a toilet stall and a couple of showers, and two redwood hot tubs. There's a hot dog cart, a buffet table, and even a bar. Sims can buy postcards on this lot.

For fun, there's a pool, a volleyball court, a fishing pier, a rental shack, rockers for kids to ride, and a fire pit.

If Unleashed is installed, there should be a Pet's Potential Play Palace, some food bowls, and some pet beds.

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