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The onomatology (study of names) for Sims in Sunset Valley.

The Alto Family Edit

  • Alto: means "high" in Italian, Spanish and Portuguese, also refers to the lower register of a woman's voice
  • Nick Alto: short for Nicholas, means "victory of the people" in Greek
  • Vita Alto: means "life" in Latin and in Italian
  • Holly Alto: derived from the tree with the same name (holly or ilex)

The Alvi FamilyEdit

  • Alvi: possible reference to Alvi Dental Hospital
  • Iqbal Alvi: means "fortunate" in Arabic
  • VJ Alvi: most likely short for Vijay, which is derived from Vijaya, meaning "victory" in Sanskrit
  • Miraj Alvi: means "place of ascent" in Arabic

The Andrews Family Edit

  • Andrews: derived from the name Andrew, meaning "man"
  • Beau Andrews: the masculine form of the word "beautiful" in French
  • Victoria Andrews: means "victory" in Latin and in Spanish

The Bachelor FamilyEdit

  • Bachelor: from the English word meaning an unmarried man
  • Simis Bachelor: a pun on "sim", as the name reads "sim is bachelor" a popular name in Sim Nation because it has the word "Sim" in it
  • Jocasta Bachelor: from Greek mythology, the mother of Oedipus who married her son unknowingly, and when she realized this, she killed herself
  • Michael Bachelor: means "Who is like God?" in Hebrew
  • Bella Bachelor: means "beautiful" in Italian

The Bunch FamilyEdit

  • Bunch: most likely an English surname, could be referring to the fact that there are a "bunch of people" in the household, or referring to "The Brady Bunch"
  • Jack Bunch: short for John, meaning "Graced by God" in Hebrew
  • Judy Bunch: short for Judith, meaning "woman from Judea" in Hebrew
  • Ethan Bunch: comes from the Hebrew word "Eitan", which means "solid, enduring"
  • Lisa Bunch: short for Elizabeth, meaning "my God has sworn" in Hebrew
  • Arlo Bunch: "barberry tree" in Spanish, or "hill" in Old English (harlow)
  • Darlene Bunch: a variation of the word "darling"

The Clavell FamilyEdit

  • Clavell: could be derived from Claville, which comes from the Old Scandinavian word meaning "door bolt" or "peg."
  • Buster Clavell: originally a nickname for someone who breaks things, as in "to bust."
  • Bessie Clavell: short for Elizabeth, meaning "my God has sworn" in Hebrew.
  • Xander Clavell: short for Alexander, meaning "defender" in Greek.
  • Jennie Clavell: short for Jennifer, which is derived from the name Gwenhwyfar meaning "fair, white" and "smooth" in Welsh.
  • Ransom Clavell: most likely referring to a ransom, which is "the release of property or a person in return for payment of a demanded price."

The Crumplebottom FamilyEdit

  • Crumplebottom: most likely a combination of the English words "crumple" and "bottom"
  • Darling: an English word meaning a "special loved one"
  • Agnes Crumplebottom: means "chaste" in Greek
  • Erik Darling: variant of Eric, which means"one ruler", "eternal ruler" or "ever powerful" in Old Norse

The Frio FamilyEdit

  • Frio: means "cold" in Spanish and Portuguese
  • Connor Frio: variant of Conor, meaning "wolf lover" or "dog lover" in Irish
  • Jared Frio: meaning "he who descended" or "he who shall rule" in Hebrew

The Goth FamilyEdit

  • Goth: could refer to an early East Germanic Tribe, but most likely refers to the Gothic subculture that the family seems to be a part of
  • Gunther Goth: variant of Günther,? from Old High German "gund" (battle) and "heri" (army)
  • Cornelia Goth: derived from the Latin word "cornu", meaning "horn"
  • Mortimer Goth: means "still water" in Old French; "mort" is also the French word for death

The Hart FamilyEdit

  • Hart: an English surname that means "a male deer."
  • Gus Hart: short for Augustus, meaning "great" or "venerable" in Latin.
  • Dorie Hart: short for Dorothy, derived from Dorothea meaning "gift of God" in Greek.
  • Bebe Hart: means "baby" in Spanish, Portuguese, and French.

The Jolina FamilyEdit

  • Jolina: could be derived from the French word jolie, meaning "beautiful"
  • Jamie Jolina: originally a masculine name short for James, which is derived from Jacob meaning "holder of the heel" or "supplanter", could also mean "may God protect"

The Keaton FamilyEdit

  • Keaton: an Old English surname meaning "shed town"
  • Marty Keaton: short for Martin, derived from the name Mars meaning "man" in Latin
  • Justine Keaton: feminine form of Justin, which is derived from the name Justus, meaning "just" in Latin

The Kennedy FamilyEdit

  • Kennedy: means "Helmet Head" in Irish Gaelic
  • Erin Kennedy: anglicized form of the Irish name Eireann, meaning "Ireland"

The Koffi FamilyEdit

  • Koffi: a variation of the word coffee
  • Gobias Koffi: could be a variant of Tobias, meaning "God is good" in Hebrew. The entire name is a pun, meaning "Go buy us coffee"
  • Gaylord Koffi: an English surname derived from the Old French word "gaillard", meaning "high-spirited, boisterous"; nowadays is slang for "homosexual"

The Landgraab FamilyEdit

  • Landgraab: most likely a combination of the English words "land" and "grab"; therefore the surname could mean to take possession of land for personal gain
  • Geoffrey Landgraab: comes from two Germanic elements, one which means "peace" and another which could either mean "territory", "stranger" or "hostage"
  • Nancy Landgraab: short for Anne, which is derived from the name Hannah which means "favor" or "grace" in Hebrew
  • Malcolm Landgraab: means "disciple of Saint Columba" in Scottish

The Langerak FamilyEdit

  • Langerak: could be derived from the name of a town in South Holland.
  • Mae: a variant of May, the name of which is derived from the month of May.
  • Dustin Langerak: derived from Torsten, which means "Thor's stone" in Old Norse.
  • Iliana Langerak: derived from Helen, which means "light" in Greek.
  • Parker Langerak: an English occupational surname which means "keeper of the park."
  • Kaylynn Langerak: a combination of the names Kay and Lynn; Kay is short for Katherine, which could mean "pure" in Greek, while Lynn comes from the Celtic word "Lenna", meaning "pool"
  • Zelda Mae: short for Griselda, which means "dark battle"

The Roomies HouseholdEdit

  • McGraw: could mean "son of grace"
  • Donner: a French verb meaning "to give"
  • Sw0rd: derived from Sword, a weapon with a long metal blade and a handle
  • Hatch: "to hatch" is to emerge or break out of an egg; a hatch is also an opening on the roof or floor of a building
  • Wainwright: an occupational surname for a wagon-builder
  • Stiles McGraw: derived from the Old English "Stigol" - a steep ascent
  • Tamara Donner: derived from Tamar, meaning "palm tree" in Hebrew
  • Cycl0n3 Sw0rd: derived from Cyclone, a violent storm characterized by high winds moving around a calm center of low pressure
  • Emma Hatch: derived from the Germanic element ermen, meaning "whole, universal"
  • Blair Wainwright: means "plain" and "field" in Scottish Gaelic

The Sekemoto FamilyEdit

  • Sekemoto: presumably a Japanese surname, origin unknown
  • Yumi Sekemoto: means "archery bow" in Japanese
  • Leighton Sekemoto: variant of Layton, which means "settlement with a leek garden" in Old English
  • Sam Sekemoto: short for Samuel, which means "name of God" or "God has heard" in Hebrew

The Single Moms HouseholdEdit

  • McIrish: "mc" is a variant of "mac", which when placed in front of a name means "son of"; therefore the name could mean "son of Ireland"
  • French: most likely refers to the people who live in the country of France and the language they speak
  • Fiona McIrish: means "fair, white" in Irish
  • River McIrish: from the English word meaning "a flowing body of water"
  • Molly French: short for Mary, which could mean "sea of bitterness", "rebelliousness", or "wished for child"
  • Sandi French: variant of Sandy which is usually short for Alexandra, meaning "defending men"; it could also be referring to the color

The Steel FamilyEdit

  • Steel: variant of Steele, which is an occupational surname for a steelworker
  • Christopher Steel: derived from a late Greek name that means "bearing Christ"

The Ursine FamilyEdit

  • Ursine: could be a variant of Orsini, which means "little bear" in Italian; "ursa" means bear in Latin
  • Claire Ursine: derived from Clara, which means "clear, bright, famous" in Latin

The Wainwright FamilyEdit

  • Wainwright: an occupational surname for a wagon-builder
  • Boyd Wainwright: means "blond" in Gaelic
  • Susan Wainwright: derived from Susanna, which means "lily" in Hebrew

The Wan-Goddard FamilyEdit

  • Wan: derived from the Chinese surname "Wang" - which means "king."
  • Goddard: meaning unknown, this is the name of several towns in the United States.
  • Pauline Wan: feminine form of Paul, which means "small, humble" in Latin.
  • Hank Goddard: a form of Henry, which was derived from a Germanic name meaning "home ruler."

The Wolff FamilyEdit

  • Wolff: variant of Wolf, which refers to the animal
  • Thornton Wolff: derived from an English surname meaning "thorn town"
  • Morgana Wolff: derived from Morgan, which most likely means "sea circle" in Welsh

The Working Friends HouseholdEdit

  • Kimura: means "tree village" in Japanese
  • VanWatson: means "from Watson"
  • Ansari: derived from Ansar, which means "supporters" in Arabic
  • Morris: derived from the name Maurice, which means "dark skinned" in Latin
  • Tori Kimura: short for Victoria, which means "victory"
  • Madison VanWatson: an English surname meaning "son of Maud"
  • Ayesha Ansari: a variant of 'Aisha, which means "alive" in Arabic
  • Monika Morris: variant of Monica, a North African name, meanin unknown

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