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Trait Supernatural Skeptic
Supernatural Skeptic is a social trait introduced with The Sims 3: Supernatural. It conflicts with the Supernatural Fan trait.

There's a world of magic and unexplainable wonders out there, and Supernatural Skeptics don't care for any of it. That stuff might be exciting for some, but Supernatural Skeptics prefer the security and comfort of normality.


  • Your Sim performs better in the Business, Political, Law Enforcement, and Journalism careers.
  • Your Sim levels up more slowly in the Alchemy and Spellcasting skills.
  • Fortunes will always seem like Complete Nonsense to your Sim, and anything mystical will probably be dismissed as Magical Rubbish.
    • This includes Potions made with Chemistry.
    • The moodlet lasts for 2 hours and it affects the mood by -10.
  • They will not like being around Supernatural Sims, or even Supernatural Fans.
  • They cannot write horror genre.

Premade Supernatural SkepticsEdit

James Hoppcraft, Miriam Hoppcraft, Musa Maaz

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