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Tai Chi
Tai chi is an exercise in The Sims 2: Bon Voyage that Sims can learn if they visit Takemizu Village. Learning Tai Chi will result in a Vacation Memento. Sims can learn Tai Chi by interacting with a Sim who is already performing it. To perform Tai Chi, click on a Sim and then "Perform Tai Chi" from the pie menu. Performing Tai Chi slowly increases the Comfort and Energy bars and decreases the Hunger and Hygiene bars. It can also increase a Sim's body skill and enthusiasm in Fitness[TS2:FT].


  • The command will drop out of the Sim's queue if his or her comfort is maxed and energy is near maximum, especially if that Sim has already maximized the body skill.[citation needed]
  • All Far East locals have already learned Tai Chi, and they can perform it on their own.

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