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Trait Technophobe

Technophobe is a trait in The Sims 3. It conflicts with the Couch Potato, Computer Whiz, and Bot Fan traits.

Technophobe Sims hate television. They will never watch television except in dire circumstances and will always look for an alternative source of entertainment


  • Sims won't have any fun while watching TV.
  • Sims are a bit scared of using a computer.
  • Sims have the ability to sabotage and smash electronics to pieces, even if visiting another household. this will however get them in trouble if there is a nurturing sim in the household.
  • Technophobe Sims are bad at repairing electrical appliances.
  • Technophobe Sims have to work harder to improve the writing skill than other Sims.
  • If Technophobe Sims try to repair a broken television they have a 90% chance of electrocution.
    • The Handy trait will remove this risk.

Player notesEdit

  • Strangely enough, SimBots can choose this trait. [TS3:A]
  • It has been noted that Technophobes won't mind using a stereo speaker.
  • If the "Talk about computers" option is used on a Sim with this trait, the social will fail.
  • This trait will make a Workaholic take a mood hit due to the case that working overtime uses computers.

Technophobic SimsEdit

Bebe Hart, Lydia Remington, Erin Kennedy

See also Category:Technophobes.

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