The Sims 2 Phone surface The Sims 2 Phone wall
Game All
Buyability Buy mode, Community lot
Size 1x1 (surface or wall)

Phones are essential tools of communication and socialization in The Sims series.

The Sims Edit

Phones in The Sims are very simplistic compared to phones in later games or expansions. The original phone could make outgoing calls, but doing so would only result in the option to invite a Sim over - Sims could not have a conversation with another Sim over the phone. Phones could be used to hire service workers such as maids or gardeners, or to call the Police or Fire Department in case of an emergency. Friends would often call the house as a warning to the player that a friendship was about to end (the relationship score was dropping too low); these calls always took place at 4:00 pm. Random calls would often take place throughout the day (and night). They could sometimes result in cash rewards, but they could also be prank calls. Later expansions changed the phone menu multiple times, and added various features. Until Unleashed, a Sim's phonebook used the standard pie menu, and players would often have to press the Tab key to page through the menu in order to find the family they wanted the Sim to call. Starting with Unleashed, the phonebook became a dialog box which listed families on the left, and known members of the selected family on the right.

Hot Date gave Sims the ability to talk on the phone instead of simply inviting other Sims over, though players had no control over what the Sims would talk about. With the introduction of community areas and community lots in Hot Date, Sims became able to use the phone to call a cab and go somewhere else for a while. Additionally, some custom content creators made "phone plugins", which added features to the phone. Different models of phones were introduced over the course of the game, but cell phones were never introduced.

A telephone curfew time of 1-6 am is imposed. During this period, Sims will not be able to talk to Sims or invite them over, and will instead be shouted at and receive a negative message (although there is no effect on the relationship). Services can still be contacted, although many will not arrive until daytime, with the notable exception of police and firefighters, who will arrive at any hour of the day.

A family needed to have at least one telephone on the lot in order for other Sims to call them, and Sims would receive a message if they attempted to call someone that did not have a phone.

The Sims 2 Edit

In The Sims 2, phones are white-ish tan and can be either table phones or wall phones. The change to a full 3D environment allows phones to be truly cordless, and Sims can and will walk around while talking on the phone. A Sim who wanders too far from the phone's base may put the handset down instead of hanging it up; if this happens, the player can click on the handset and select "Hang Up" to tell a Sim to hang it up.

As expansion packs are added, the call menu remains largely the same as in the base game; categories are added as needed, but the layout of the menu is unaltered. In University, Sims can have cell phones, although playable Sims who live in households without a landline phone still cannot be contacted by phone. Pets and FreeTime each add a new style of phone. In FreeTime, 3-way calling is introduced as an aspiration benefit for Sims who have Popularity as a primary or secondary aspiration. When a Sim with this benefit is on the phone, the player can click on the phone (or on the Sim, if he or she is using a cell phone) and select "Make 3-way call". The Sim's phone book will open, and the player can then decide which Sim in the book will receive the second call. Players should note that, if this is done on a table or wall phone, the "Hang Up" option will be unavailable until the second call has ended. Apartment Life introduced two "Silent Mode" options which allowed players to regulate incoming calls; players could "Screen Calls", which prevented the phone from ringing and instead directed incoming calls to a text notification on the top-right of the screen, or turn off the phone completely.

Even without FreeTime, more than two Sims can be involved in a phone conversation if a house has at least two table or wall phones. If a Sim is told to use a table or wall phone while another Sim is talking on one, the player will be asked whether to let that Sim join the conversation, or to have them hang up.

Sims can talk to other Sims on the phone, and other Sims may call to talk to a specific household member. This has been improved over what was possible in The Sims; players can now use the "Change Topic" interaction to affect what the Sims talk about, and phone conversations can have more than a minimal effect on the Sims' relationship with one another. The phone can be used to invite Sims over, and even to throw parties. Pets added an 'Invite household' option, which will not appear when calling a Townie or a Sim who lives alone. When using this option, the player will be presented with a dialog which shows all other members of the called Sim's household, except for babies and toddlers, even if the caller hasn't met them.

Sims can call a taxi. A Sim can invite another Sim to meet him or her on a community lot, and, with Nightlife, can arrange outings and even dates. Sims can hire services, and order deliveries. If the appropriate expansion packs are present, a Sim can apply for scholarships, start a home business, buy real estate, book a vacation, etc.

The cell phones (NOYIN 2680) can be bought for §149 from a Sellafone Gadget Kiosk. Once bought, the phone stays in a Sim's inventory and can be used by left-clicking the Sim. The phone can also be put anywhere in the Sim's home; it will function, but is very small and may be hard to find with the mouse. There is no "Hang Up" function on a cell phone, but the player can end a call by canceling the action. Sims who are teenagers and older can buy and use a cell phone.[n 1] A Sim who has a cell phone can call other Sims from a community lot, and can invite them to the lot. In University, a Sim with a cell phone could not always use it when another Sim in the house was on the phone. However, in later expansion packs, Sims with cell phones can make or receive calls even if other Sims in the house are using their phones.

Much like The Sims, a Sim needed to live in a household with at least one phone in order to be called, or had to have a cell phone in their inventory. Sims who live in apartments can be called even if they don't have a phone.[confirmation needed]

A bug in Apartment Life may cause a cell phone to disappear from inventory after it has been used for a while, at least for Sims who are living in apartments.[1] This was fixed in the Apartment Life patch, though it is not mentioned in the list of fixes.

An unusual feature of phones in The Sims 2 is that the Sim on the other end of the call is, to some extent, considered to be on the lot. This occasionally results in that Sim being "teleported" to the lot after the call is ended. If that Sim is a child, this can result in one of his or her parents appearing on the lot to bring the kid home, even after the call has ended. The player will need to watch for this, as the parent will not need to be greeted, and will not leave unless the Ask to Leave/Say Goodbye interaction is used.[n 2] However, the "voice on the other end" that is heard during a phone call does not appear to be the voice of the Sim on the other end of the call.

Much like The Sims, there is a telephone curfew that is enforced between 2am and 7am. During this time, any calls made to Sims will be rejected with a cranky message and a drop in relationship score. Crank calls can still be made and victims may still show up, but will usually leave immediately afterwards due to the time. Vampires are exempt from the nighttime curfew, but have a daytime curfew of their own between 7am and 6pm. Services can still be called, although service Sims will generally not arrive until daytime, with the exception of police and firefighters.

Crank callEdit

A crank call is an interaction in The Sims 2 that a Sim with one or no niceness points can do with a telephone. When a grouchy Sim is directed to make a crank call, the phone book will pop up, as with other phone calls. After the player selects which Sim to call, the Sim using the phone will place the call and yell into the receiver. A few minutes later, the victim of the crank call may come to the caller's lot. The victim's reaction will vary, possibly depending on the relationship between the two Sims; he or she may shove, poke or slap the Sim who made the call, then yell about college (even if University isn't installed); or may simply greet the grouchy Sim. This interaction can be used to effectively "invite" an acquaintance over, allowing a grouchy Sim to build a relationship more quickly, but it runs the risk of damaging a relationship and causing both Sims to be furious with each other for a long time.


The console versions of The Sims 2 have very similar phones; however, they are black instead of the white-ish tan color. Given the limitations of a console, not as many options are available:

  • Call: (Anyone in the Sim's social web): 'Invite over' or 'just talk'
  • Services: SimCity Cleaning Service, SimCity Fire Department, SimCity Police Department, Repairman, Gardener and Therapist.
  • Prank phone call: Fake names, Fake sweepstakes or Fart on phone.
  • Throw a party: Invite everyone the Sim knows over to their house for a party (only requires one call.)

As in The Sims, Sims can receive prank calls and calls that give cash rewards.

The Sims Castaway StoriesEdit

Telephones in The Sims Castaway Stories are replaced with Shell Phones. They are basically the same as the phones from The Sims 2, only in the shape of a large shell. They are only available as a story reward object. They are more similar to mobile phones than telephones, since they're usually carried in the Sim's inventory and can be used by clicking on the Sim and selecting the option "Call...". Unlike the phones from The Sims 2, they can only be placed vertically.

  1. If Nightlife or later is installed, a cell phone can be placed in a child's inventory; however, while the "cell phone buzz" will appear, children must use a wall or table phone to answer the call.
  2. J. M. Pescado's Phone Hack mod corrects this issue; with the mod installed, calling child Sims at night no longer results in their parents coming over.

The Sims 3 Edit

In The Sims 3 all Sims (except babies and toddlers) have a cellphone (smartphone in University Life or Holophone in Into The Future) in their inventory from the beginning, meaning that Sims no longer needed to own a landline phone in order to be called, although landline phones are still available in buy mode. The cellphones can be used to talk to friends, invite them over, ask someone on a date, check real estate, chat long distance, plan parties, call services, move, and make plans or plan for vacations. Players can also change a Sim's ringtone and take pictures with the cellphone. If Generations is installed, teens can make prank calls.

Like previous games, a telephone curfew is enforced from 2am[confirmation needed] to 6am, during which any calls are rejected. However, there does not appear to be any effect in relationship if such a call is made.

Unlike previous games, children cannot call for any services, including emergency services.[n 1]


  • To call services the Sim must be on their home lot or the option will be greyed out.
  • Sims who have a teleportation pad at home can use the cell phone to teleport back to the pad.
  • As of The Sims 3: Into the Future, the opportunity phone call doesn't work properly as Sims would answer the phone but no dialog would appear.[2] A mod at Mod The Sims can be used to fix this bug. The game doesn't properly check the required world of an opportunity a Sim is currently in, which causes the opportunity dialog not to appear. This occurs if Sims have Laser Rhythm-a-con or Advanced Technology skills. However, because the opportunities of both skills have unreasonably high weighted chance, these opportunities are more likely to be received than any other skill opportunities.
  • Sims who get the University Life smartphone and then travel to Oasis Landing get a smartphone with a cracked screen.[confirmation needed]
  • Sims who purchase the Future Sim[TS3:ITF] lifetime reward get a HoloPhone. It only differs in its appearance.
  1. Children can hire any service if the "call services" module of the 'No Stretch' Children can series mod is installed.

The Sims 4Edit

There are no home telephones in The Sims 4. All Sims who are children or older automatically receive a smartphone, similar to The Sims 3. The phones are at the bottom of the screen on the desktop interface instead of in a Sim's inventory. In addition to most functions included in The Sims 3, Sims can use the phone to find jobs, pay bills, listen to music, and play games. The player can also change their Sims phone case from multiple options. A Sim's mood will also allow a Sim to send a text message associated with that mood to another Sim (e.g. a flirty Sim will be able to send a flirty text), which in some cases may result in the latter inviting the former to another lot.

Sims cannot chat with other Sims over the phone between 11pm and 7am. A Sim who attempts to call another Sim during this time will suffer a slight drop in their relationship with the targeted Sim. Attempts to use the Invite to hangout... function will also be unsuccessful (i.e. message will say [Sim name] is sleeping), but the Sim who initiated it will not incur penalties. Sims can call to arrange social events at any time, and those who are invited will show up. Sims are able to text other Sims regardless of the time of day with no relationship point penalty. Most other services will be available between 11pm and 7am, but Sims who contact repair services at this time may pay a higher rate.[confirmation needed]

The Sims MedievalEdit

There are no telephones in The Sims Medieval, as the game is set in medieval times, but pigeons serve as the equivalent item; they are used to talk and invite friends.


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