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The Foundry is one of the districts in The Urbz: Sims in the City on console. It was founded by a group of artists seeking affordable housing, open studio space, and a lifestyle away from the mainstream metropolis. This industrial district with its abandoned warehouses and gray tone, was transformed to contain art studios, independent galleries, and coffee shops buzzing with shop talk and politics.

The residents of Foundry are surprisingly close with the residents of Kicktail Park, so building a reputation there will allow one to be invited to The Foundry.

Residents of The FoundryEdit

About the ResidentsEdit

The Residents of The Foundry noticeably dress in dark colors and have lanky body types.

Crispin Black is in the sculpting business, and is looking for someone to help him fill orders of metal sculptures, while Bella Ciao and Arthur Pop both have some social moves to teach Urbz. Neo Flange is considered the most intellectual and shows this by wearing trendy urban "smart" clothing. And then there is Roxanna Hardplace who wants to coax Urbz into restyling a few of her friends from other districts.

Preferred Social MovesEdit

  • Artsy Dance
  • Compare Phones
  • Mock
  • Smoke Trick
  • Snippy Snap


Crispin’s Cauldron is one of the most promising up-and-coming galleries. It specializes in post-modern sculpture and industrial metal-smithing. Visitors are always welcome as long as they know to keep their fingers away from the art for risk of losing appendages entirely!

Iron Age Coffee Haus offers the best espresso and Haus-made biscotti in the city. This is a perfect spot to relax and listen to the sound of summer raindrops tap dancing on the tin sheeted roofs. And The Gearbox is where one would engage in a high-tech Robo Battle - a "smashing" expose of mechanical art.

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