The Lavender House
Durnard house
Type: Residential
Unfurnished lot value: §72,331
Furnished lot value: §85,489
Size: 64x64
Number of floors: 2
Occupants: Durand family
Number of bedrooms: 3
Number of bathrooms: 3
Neighborhood: Champs Les Sims

The Lavender House is a mansion owned by the Durand family in Champs Les Sims. This house has a garden with many apple trees and a pond. The house has three bathrooms and three beds. This house also has a crib, which may mean that Laurant and Adèle are planning children.

With large rooms and expansive acreage, there's plenty of space to grow family or garden paradise. This charming coach house can be used for extra storage or a place to house for loud guests.