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Players with Superstar, Makin' Magic, or The Sims Complete Collection do not need this patch, and should not download it.



Please do NOT interrupt the installation of the patch.

Patch notesEdit

  • Flooding under objects - with a single object exception, floods no longer spread under objects.
  • Buyable skins (from Vacation Island and Downtown Lots) - Sims will once again retain the pajamas or swimsuit they purchased Downtown or on Vacation.
  • Sitting to watch TV - Adult and child Sims again sit to watch TV.
  • 180° spins at the end of routes - this has been improved compared to the shipping version of The Sims Unleashed.
  • Memory leaks - we have fixed many memory leaks and improved longer-term gameplay performance.

Web Template display fixesEdit

  • Sims of both species now display proper gender in web pages
  • "Human" Sims no longer display pet statistics in the "Stats" page
  • Web pages now launching when clicking the "view web pages button" in the neighborhood screen for Finnish, Danish, and Norwegian installs

Important notesEdit

  • There are still known issues with incorrect skill statistics being displayed for human Sims in the web templates (though files still function properly within the game) in all languages. This is not fixed or fixable in this patch.
  • Additionally, several foreign languages contain missing strings in the web templates (they will display "needs translation" in those instances). The patch cannot fix these remaining bugs (which do not impact gameplay, merely the web templates displayed).

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