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Instructions: Save the file to disk and then run it to install the patch. Please make sure you have your game CDs available during patch installation.

Patch notesEdit

  • Sims in University with finals and class at the same time will no longer always miss finals.
  • Game will no longer lock out when traveling to a community lot from home in a car.
  • Player is now reimbursed when using the "Move to Lots and Houses Bin" Tool on a business lot.
  • Game will no longer crash when deleting half walls that were placed adjacent to a stage.
  • Pop up message that occurs after receiving a promotion now accurately lists new job title, responsibilities, etc.
  • The proper number of dates are now displayed in the memory for "50 First Dates."
  • Tilt, Spin, and Wobble will always restock properly.
  • Game will no longer crash when entering Nightlife lots after Nightlife is uninstalled.
  • Servo's "Do Chores" function will no longer override the Free Will off setting.
  • Visiting Sims will no longer get stuck after drinking lemonade.
  • Bug preventing player from sometimes leaving owned community lot fixed.
  • NPC visitors will no longer get stuck if the exit points on lot are on uneven terrain.
  • Wholesale Discount Difference is accurately subtracted when toggling items "Not for Sale".
  • Infinite OE no longer occurs when the Jacquets first visit J'Adore bakery after uninstalling Nightlife.
  • Vampires do not keep vampire abilities after Nightlife is uninstalled
  • Players now gain creativity skill by working DJ Booth on home businesses.
  • Placeholder textures on vampires that results from uninstalling Nightlife fixed.
  • Fixed exploit that allowed players to receive aspiration point refund after using aspiration rewards.
  • While playing the J'Adore Bakery, second Sim can now enter taxi while there is a fire.
  • NPC Reporter can now purchase lemonade from the lemonade stand without error.
  • Female Sims wearing baseball hats now have the proper colored pigtail.
  • Asking fifth person to join water wiggler no longer affects gameplay.
  • Fixed infinite Electrono Ticket Machine pop-up message that occurs when Sim buys previously owned home.
  • Managerial Interactions are now properly identified in the Readme.txt file.
  • The Social Bunny can no longer be killed.
  • The "Under Construction" sign will no longer show up on the Electrono Ticket Machine if the users cancels the Close Business interaction.
  • Hanging objects will now display properly when placed over a stage.
  • Fixed a reset that could occur while groups of Sims play poker.
  • Prevented a crash that could occur when a Sim tried to restock an object from their shopping cart.
  • Former Nightlife NPCs will now have hair after uninstalling Nightlife.
  • Game will no longer go into triple speed upon driving into a Downtown lot.
  • Change text warning when moving a house to catalog bin.
  • Open for Business toddler hair styles now appear in Bodyshop.
  • The game will no longer load indefinitely on lots that contained ReNuYuSenso Orbs prior to installing Open For Business.
  • Removed Call Taxi option on Secret Society lots.
  • The New Wave and Shopping wall speakers will now retain their proper music type after transitioning between lots (instead of reverting to Techno).
  • Added Open for Business icon to skins uploaded to the community website.
  • Fixed a timing issue where saving a lot just as a Sim is about to go home could render the Sim stuck on the lot indefinitely.
  • Resolved an issue where the "Reach Top of Career" lifetime and power wants would fail to satisfy if strings were pulled for the top level promotion.
  • The proper warning message is now displayed when moving University lots to the lots and houses bin.
  • Fixed a rare timing issue that could cause Sims to get stuck on lots if saved after the Go Home interaction is cancelled.
  • Fixed rare object error that occurred during elevator use.
  • The Open for Business icon now appears on the proper content in Body Shop.
  • Sims will no longer get stuck on an owned community lot when traveling to lot in an owned vehicle.
  • Players will no longer be locked out of live mode upon returning to occupied owned community lot.
  • Furious setting will now decrease over time so that Sims do not stay Furious forever.
  • Deleting an employee work outfit and exiting lot without saving will no longer cause lots to disappear upon returning.
  • Families can no longer be combined when two separate families travel to the same community lot.
  • NPCs now immediately sit down after accepting an Offer Free Makeover.
  • Successful makeover for controllable customers now fixes previous failed makeovers.
  • Successful makeover for controllable customers now brings up the Change Appearance UI.
  • Ug-No-More Makeover Station can now be deleted properly while Sims are performing the Be Stylist interaction.
  • Sims can now Offer Free Makeover to members of their family after starting a business.
  • Offering a Free Makeover no longer causes Sims buy bar to empty.
  • Be Stylist interaction will no longer drop out of queue if user performs social interactions while being the stylist.
  • NPC Vampires will now return home correctly when visiting an Electrono ticket machine lot.
  • Rooms built on half of the stage will now appear correctly.
  • Sims will no longer get stuck in the car when the user saves during the Get In interaction.
  • Cleanbots can now clean up baby bottles.
  • Selecting different aspiration using the ReNuYouSenso Orb now displays correctly.
  • Tombstones will no longer multiply themselves when saved on a shelf.
  • Employees working as Baristas now bring in Simoleons.
  • Making a single plate of hamburgers during breakfast hours now does not give out incorrect text notifications.
  • Car stereos now turn on and off correctly after changing the stations repeatedly.
  • Offer Makeover To interaction now leads customers to browse the Salon Chair.
  • Crafting stations and shelving can now be seen in neighborhood view.
  • Employees will now quit a job correctly when quitting from a community lot.
  • Sims can now make drinks from the bar on a home business.
  • Families are now able to go to work when owning multiple cars.
  • Teens will no longer have the same Small Business Career Work schedule and School schedule.
  • Babies are no longer in the Downtownies pool for invited outings.
  • Family Members will no longer glow green when using "Look for mark" perk.
  • Puddles can now be mopped up with a wall item above them.
  • One of the two Adult Sims will now be able to go to work if a Toddler is left at home without a babysitter.
  • The oven portion of the restaurant stove can no longer be used after food on it has caught on fire.
  • Unfinished paintings on an Owned Community Lot can now be finished if a Sim leaves the lot and returns.
  • Runaway teens will now continue to remain on the controllable Sims skewer on the left-hand side of the screen.
  • Munchie Bots will no longer bring back invisible, non-interactable food when playing with multiple Munchie Bots.
  • Sims will now animate when using the ReNuYu Porta-Chug.
  • Pool of Dateable Sims will no longer include special non-playable NPC characters.
  • When being inducted into a Secret Society, the Sim will now be taken to the Secret Society's lot, not returned home.
  • Hourly Wage for Sims formerly employed by user-controlled Sims is now consistent.
  • Deeds that are placed on a Display Shelf and set For Sale will now display the proper price.
  • Unintialized Servos will no longer cause rendering problems with Intel video cards.
  • Teens will no longer leave a Business lot with unpaid goods at the time of curfew.
  • Female Formal Dress now displays correctly in Set Uniform UI
  • Thumbnail corruption for the Mission Seating line has been fixed for affected video cards.
  • Baseball Cap is now removed when Sims change to Formal wear.
  • Sims on a date on a community lot will no longer browse the Electrono Ticket Machine for the entire date.
  • Single serving desserts no longer disappear from owner's inventory upon restock.
  • Sims will no longer vanish when traveling to non-owned community lots.
  • Users are no longer locked out of live mode when visiting non-owned and owned community lots.
  • Toddler Hairstyles now appear correctly in Bodyshop.
  • Nanny track schedule will now coincide with Sims work schedule.
  • User will no longer acquire Secret Society Funds when traveling to Secret Society Lot.
  • Moveobjects cheat can now be used to manipulate and place objects in out of bounds tiles.
  • Re-entering custom college neighborhoods will no longer cause unmodified and/or occupied lots to disappear.
  • Mission themed counters now have door/drawer opening animations.
  • All hanging objects will now display properly over stages.
  • Sim owned vehicles will no longer prevent fire trucks from leaving on a 3x3 Community lot.
  • Bag of Poo will no longer break after installing The Sims 2 Family Fun Stuff.

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