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The Sims 2: Open for Business expansion pack or later is required for these cheats.

Gameplay Cheats Edit

  • addneighbortoFamilycheat [on/off]
    It enables an interaction on non-controllable Sims to add them to your family
  • forceTwins
    When a Sim is pregnant, this Sim has to be selected and the cheat entered. The Sim will give birth to twins.

Storytelling Cheats Edit

  • plumbbobToggle [on/off]
    This disables the plumbbob.

Build Cheats Edit

Wall Placement Restrictions Removed

  • Pressing both the CTRL and ALT keys while trying to place an object will activate the cheat. While both the CTRL and ALT keys are being pressed, it will be possible to place any wall object on a wall already occupied by another object, even if the objects overlap.

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